Joining The Survivalpunk Army

Joining The Survivalpunk Army


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As a member of The Survivalpunk Army you will gain access to content and benefits exclusive to our supporting members. Joining the Survivalpunk Army is a low cost way to support the work we do to help our readers learn how to DIY to Survive.

The primary function of the Survivalpunk Army is to give readers a way to support the publication and keep it growing and improving. However, from day one we have always refused any sort of “donation”. We  believing that members that support our site with a contribution of 20 cents an update  deserved something more than just feeling good about it.

So we worked hard to create exclusive content and continue to do so. We reached out to sponsors, authors and other members and have put together a great group of benefits. And all of it is available instantly when you become a member.

I want to remind you what you get in the Survivalpunk Army that is exclusive to vendors Here is the list.

  • 10% Off All Orders at Original SOE.
  • 10% Off All Orders at Mai Thai Coffee.
  • 10% Off All Orders at Survival Gear Bags.
  • 10% Off All Orders at LFI Custom Kydex.
  • 20% Off All Orders of Conflicted The Game.
  • $5 Off Both The 1 Year and 6 Month Memberships At Lost Skills Podcast
  • Free shipping on all orders from Ribz Front Pack.
  • 10% Off All Orders at Paleo Meals To GO.
  • 10% Off at Online Carry Training.
  • 15%  Off all orders at WellFood co.
  • 10% River Valley Survival Gear.
  • 3 Month Subscription to PaleoMagazine.
  • 10% Off All Orders Of Lock N Load Java.
  • 21 Day’s to Basic Preparedness ebook by David Nash.
  • What The Cluck:An Alternative view of raising Chickens by Andrew Ayers.
  • Zip Files of Every Episode of The Survivalpunk Podcast.


The daily Survivalpunk updates are 100% free to all and always will be. We work hard to provide top notch content on DIY,  survivalism, practical preparations, nutrition, food storage, paleo  and many other issues important to those seeking to lead a more independent and healthy lifestyle. Your contribution of 5 dollars a month works out to about a quarter an update. For  updates with a level headed, practical information with  short  ads followed by completely uninterrupted content.

There are multiple ways to sign up for The Survivalpunk Army. One by using your credit card via PayPal. By check or money order. Via silver coin or bars. Bitcoin or barter.  Email for anything besides paypal to get set up.



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