The Days Of Noah

The Days of Noah: Conspiracy review

Mark Goodwin aka Prepper Recon just released a new book. The Days of Noah:Book One: Conspiracy. He shot me an email with a copy of the audio book to review. With the two-hour long drive to the tiny house location it was a blessing. I can’t stand the talk radio for that long.

Is there a secret cabal working to collapse the international economy in order to usher in a global government and one-world currency?

The book follows two main protagonists. Noah, a school teacher, and Everett, a CIA analyst. You follow them as things start to fall apart. You watch as Noah’s life is turned upside down. You get to follow Everett down the rabbit hole.


The Days Of Noah
The Days Of Noah

The Days Of Noah

Noah is your typical american man. He has his job, family and faith. He is completely asleep at the wheel. He is not aware that things are falling apart until it affects him. When the police come for him his life changes forever. His eyes begin to open with the help of his wife and bible study group. His story is a fight with corrupt government. His wife is a prepper and conspiracy theorist. She sees that the collapse is coming and urges his to prepare now.

Everett has a boring analyst job with the CIA. He watches purchase that are flagged as terrorist  buying activities. He sees some odd behaviors and takes it to his supervisor. This eventually leads to a secret friendship. His supervisor, John Jones, begins sharing secret info with him on the collapse. The Illuminati is mimicking Bible prophecy to bring about the end. With Jones’ help Everett begins getting ready.

The Good

This story has believable characters. Different personalities. It shares some prepping basics without coming off as lecturing. Some books read like a manual with names. In here you have more experienced characters explaining things to the novices. It is also no repetitive. The trick with prepper fiction is you have to entertain your core audience. Preppers will read prepper fiction and know all the info you are presenting. You also need to try to teach any random reader a few things.

The story was very fast paced. It did a great job of making you care about the characters as well. Some of the things done to Noah and his family got my blood boiling. There have been a few prepper books where by the end I was wishing they would all die. Mark made me invested in his characters.

The Bad

I had two issues with the book. Both I felt would drive off readers. Off the deep end conspiracies and the religion. I felt that the conspiracies were taken too far. I was right there with about half of them. Then they went right off the deep end. Though I was still entertained, my suspension of disbelief was destroyed. I knew it was pure fiction as that point. Getting people on the prepper boat would be lost at the point. They are going to stop thinking and just be entertained.

The second issue was on the constant religious theme. I know Mark is a christian author and centers his writing around that. I just felt it came off as too much. I don’t like any point being beat. I felt like it became watered down with being used so much. It also serves to drive off readers. Even  readers who agree with Mark. Use it less often to make it more powerful.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned a few issues I had with the book. With that said I am eager for the next one. The book left me wanting more. The collapse was still in the early stages when the book of Noah ended. I want to see how far things go and how the characters respond.  My recommendation for this book is people that are already preppers and christians. Hurry up with the next one Mark.


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2 thoughts to “The Days of Noah: Conspiracy review”

  1. I am a fan of Mark’s books and podcast, I am also a fan of y’all’s. I found you through Mark’s interview with James. Having listened to most of your podcasts I knew that you would be critical of the Christian messages in Mark’s books. Have you ever read any Frank Peretti’s books? This Present Darkness or Piercing the Darkness will open up a new world to you. I think Mark is trying to break into the Christian genre, a very large audience. The Christian community needs a wake up call, another wake up call. I know y’all are Punk, but you need to get a better understanding of evangelical Christianity, we are your friends, not foe! We will be the ones standing shoulder to shoulder with you when the SHTF! God Bless!

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