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What is Survivalpunk?


What is Survivalpunk and who the hell is this James guy? I realized last night I hit the ground running with the blog without ever explaining who I am and what I want to do here.

So today’s post will not really show you how to make anything but will give you some insight into why I think the way I do. If that doesn’t scare you off stick around and delve into the mind of a survivalpunk.

Survivalpunk Tattoo

Finding your passion

Those were the words uttered by Jack Spirko from The Survival Podcast. Time and time again. He said those words and I wanted to act on them. Really I did.

I have what I call hobby A.D.D. I Like and am good at too damn many things. How could I ever pick one of my passions and do something about it?

It was like analysis paralysis. I had an idea to do two different projects, one of which was a survival blog and the other a comedy podcast. Almost a year went by before doing anything. To be honest it might have gone longer had it not been for my great friends James and Mike  at Skillsandgear.com


They launched  their blog and were kicking ass and taking all the names. They had YouTube videos with James Yeager and John Willis.


I was doing jack shit. One night I said to myself, James it’s now or never, Pick a domain and put out some content or shut up!


In trying to combine a few of my biggest passions, Survival, Punk Music and Paleo eating I came up with Survival Punk. When I did, I FELT it was right.

Much Younger Me



I’ve had and used what most would call bug out bags long before I ever heard the term. I spent a good deal of time during my late teenage years being homeless.


Want to learn about survival, try living on the streets. I slept in parks, cars parked in rest stops a tent and couch surfed for a few years, I learned a lot during that time. 

I learned that to survive and even be happy you really don’t need much. Everything I owned was in my High school backpack. 

We only made money from selling plasma about $50 a week. I had no worries no responsibilities and life was pretty awesome. 

I fancied myself to be an anarchist fighting “The Man” back then. Odd again that Now that I have learned about what real anarchy is I’m starting to lean that way again. I was young, in good shape and cocky as shit.

Ends always come

The homeless adventures didn’t last forever and I eventually had to “grow” up. I entered the retail world and worked my way up to management.


Getting interested in the Survival movement on the way.


Feeling that there was a gaping whole in my life. Something that was missing from work and hanging out with friends having drinks.


I would spend lots of time and money on my silly experiments that my friends would mostly dismiss. I had stories and ideas that needed to be shared and no one to hear them.




Enter Survivalpunk

Survivalpunk has become the most important thing in my life. The biggest achievement in my life so far. It has brought me more happiness, more friends, and more fulfillment in my life.


I cherish each new blog buddy I make from this, Florida Hillbilly, Timman, Tngun, Skillsandgear, Freedom Feens, Porc Therapy, Survivalgearbags and the Crooked Tree Farm.


I get excited at each and every comment on the blog and read everyone and try to respond to them all. Never think twice about emailing me (James@survivalpunk.com) Those emails go straight to my phone and I read them all.


As crazy as it sounds Survivalpunk has put me in touch with a friend I have not seen in over 12 years. I’ve got to meet Jack Spirko and be on TSP! It blows my mind that  dreams and goals are coming true.



To infinity and Beyond

I can’t and won’t stop at this point. Unless something happens I try my best to get a post out Monday- Friday.


Expect much more every single year. More Merchandise, More giveaways, more crazy experiments and more Punk attitude!


I can not at this point imagine a life without Survivalpunk. Eventually, I hope to be able to do this full time on my very own homestead drinking a homebrew.


I know I don’t say it enough but I truly appreciate everyone that reads Survivalpunk. When I began I thought no one will read this rubbish but I have been proven so wrong. The emails and comments and friendships forged through this have been staggering. Unimaginable. Thank each and every one+ of you out there.

Since launching the blog I have expanded to now co-host The survival junk Podcast. With my best friend Couch Potato Mike, we have the internets Most Electrifying Survival Podcast

If you have any questions or comments please email me James@Survivalpunk.com

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  1. Where are you at in Tennessee? I grew up in Kingsport and am familiar with everywhere from Scott Co, Va to Maryville and LaFollette!

    We’re you born in Tennessee?

  2. Hey man, I read about your comment in” The Backwoodsman” magazine page 10 issue vol37 issue 3 about moonshine cough syrup. My favorite tv show is moonshiners. For years I have been trying my damnest to get a-holt of some real homemade moonshine . You got any ideas where, how, etc. I live in Arizona. Thanks man. LARRY.

  3. Hey guys, just randomly came acros your podcast and I love your attitude, this is what I have to say and if you dont like it you can piss off. If they don’t like yours there are many others they can get. Keep up the good work and keep doing you.

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