Thanksgiving Special Episode 38

Winter Ready Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving





This is our Thanksgiving special. Mike and I talked about discussing the origins of Thanksgiving. Going into the history of the first one. We decided that that had been done. We wanted to do something more fitting. What we decided on was to tell what we are thankful for.

We are very thankful for all of you. Each and every listener to the Survivapunk Podcast. Each reader. You make doing this worth it. We don’t say it enough.


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Overcome And Adapt

Windows and Wiring Overcome and adapt

Overcome And Adapt


I’ve touched on this subject before. Overcome and adapt. With the tiny house build I’ve embraced it further. Many will fall apart when they get to a problem. Things have to work out right or they loose it. I would be screwed if that was the case. House building will teach you to overcome and adapt.

It’s like a battle between you and the house. The house will only accept you if you can beat it. For being such a small house it has thrown a lot at me. Today I just got two more delays. Making the movie in deadline of a week from now seem that much harder. I’ll overcome and adapt of course. I’m already thinking of solutions. My impatience is kicking in though.


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Fighting Off Winter Colds

fighting off winter colds

fighting off winter colds


Cold weather means getting a cold. For most people anyway. With a few measures can beat them. The body is good at fighting off winter colds if you give it a chance. I have a few things I do when I’m starting to feel sick. I rarely get sick. When I do I can figure out what I did to compromise my immunity.

Today Ill share some of my methods with you to fight off winter colds.


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Dual Homestead Update 11/21/2014

Homestead Update

Homestead Update

Homestead Update

Another update on the tiny house build going on at Dual Homestead. Smitty and I have been killing it. Even with my recent winter cold. I shot some video after a long day out there. I went back one more time but was so tired I didn’t get any video. This update has two major completions. With the move in date getting closer the need to be done is ramping up.

Plywood Walls Going Up

The walls are finally going up. In fact they went up surprisingly fast. Which was what I thought. I figured using plywood sheets instead of drywall would go very fast. I did not realize how many pieces would need to be cut though. Which turned out to be every sheet. Not a single one went up whole. With that said though we covered the walls in two days of hard work.

The back wall still has a piece to go up. We are building a wall for the bathroom. The ceiling still needs to be covered as well. As you can see in the video though the rest is up. We have not even stained the walls yet and they already look great. The next step on the walls is to fill holes with wood filler, sand and stain it.

I’m still going back and forth on whether I want to use a stain with or without polyurethane. Do I want them shiny or not? Still not completely sure on the stain color either. I’m leaning towards no polyurethane in a red oak. We will see though.

Insulation Is Finally Done

Doing the insulation on the ceiling was becoming a pain in my ass. The problem was the ceiling rafters are about 22 inches apart. The insulation we had was 15 inch wide. Our original plan was to cut down one piece and add to a whole one to make up the difference. Doing this on a ceiling was nigh impossible. It took me about 30 minutes to get up one piece. And it looked like crap.

So the solution was to go get the right size insulation. I also picked up some metal rods to hold them in place. Those speed up the process. I got the entire ceiling done in a few hours. It was so rewarding to see so much progress. Now we just need to get the plywood up there. I can’t wait to show you guys the finished house.

10 Winter Wild Edibles

There is not a lot of green in the winter. Wild foraging dries up. If you know where to look you can still find winter wild edibles. Today I’ll share with you 10 winter wild edibles that you can forage on. Knowing where to find food all year is important. You can supplement your food and save money. If you are lost they could keep you alive.

As a disclaimer make sure you properly identify any wild edible. Some wild edibles have poisonous look alikes. Do not eat it if you are not sure.

Clover Winter Wild Edibles

Clover Winter Wild Edible

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