Wild Edibles Episode 102

Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles



Wild Edibles

Today is a solo show about hunting wild edibles. I cover the methods for finding a local expert. Using sites like Meetup. I talk highly of Green Deene From Eat the Weeds.
Find a Local Expert if Possible
Properly Identify it
  •  I  First, it means (I)dentify the plant beyond doubt.
  • T Next, make sure it is growing or fruiting or otherwise available at the right (T)ime of year.
  • E Third is checking out the (E)nvironment. This involves two things. One is making sure it is growing in the right place. The         other is making sure the plant is getting clean water and is not in polluted soil.
  • M And then, what is the proper (M)ethod of preparation.
Try a Little at a Time
universal edibility test
  • Separate the plant into its various parts—roots, stems, leaves, buds, and flowers. Focus on only one piece of the plant at a time.
  • Smell it. A strong, unpleasant odor is a bad sign.
  • Test for contact poisoning by placing a piece of the plant on your inner elbow or wrist for a few minutes. If your skin burns, itches, feels numb, or breaks out in a rash, don’t eat the plant.
  • If the plant passes the skin test, prepare a small portion the way you plan to eat it (boiling is always a good bet).
  • Before taking a bite, touch the plant to your lips to test for burning or itching. If there’s no reaction after 15 minutes, take a small bite, chew it, and hold it in your mouth for 15 minutes. If the plant tastes very bitter or soapy, spit it out.
  • If there’s no reaction in your mouth, swallow the bite and wait several hours. If there’s no ill effect, you can assume this part of the plant is edible. Repeat the test for other parts of the plant; some plants have both edible and inedible parts.



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Chronology Primal Professional Review

The Primal Professional

The Primal Professional

I originally talked about the Primal Professionals way back in December of 2012 when I interviewed the creator Mountain Chang. I think I heard about them on the Robb Wolf podcast. I immediately loved the idea of a minimal dress shoe. My work would flip out if I showed up to work in my Vibram Five Fingers. The retail management world just isnt ready for them. My feet though could not handle the 12 hour days on concrete wearing traditional dress shoes. Someday’s I would come home limping from feet pain. I knew I needed something. Are the Primal Professionals the something I was looking for? Let’s find out.

Since I got these shoes for review, lots of exciting things have happened over at the Primal Professional. They’ve rebranded to Chronology. Their Resole and Restoration program, which gives your shoes a second life, is up and running.
       They’ve joined 1% for the Planet, a network of businesses that pledge 1% of their sales to nonprofits that are protecting, restoring, and improving the planet we all live in (notable 1FTP members include Patagonia and Paleo Treats).
     They’ve added some cool new features, like elastic laces that turn the shoes into functional slip-ons. They just received version 3 of their continuously improving shoes. They’re now taking preorders (save $50) for version 4 on http://chronology-lg.com/. They will be made by a new shoemaker, and include a new Oxblood color.

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What’s Better Than Voting? Episode 101

Whats Better than Voting

Whats Better than Voting



What’s Better Than Voting?

Today we tackle what’s better than voting. In our opinion pretty much everything. We so firmly believe that voting is such a waste of time that most any activity is a better use of your time. We randomly name things that would be a better impact on your life and the planet.

We take on our very first listener call as well. Matt calls in asking about unusual items to put in a Bug Out Bag. Mike and I go over a few that we both use. For me my #1 unusual item are paper clips. I find them to be very useful.

Mike and I talk about doing squats. Mike for the first time ever. Hilarity ensues.


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Survivalpunk Episode 100 Celebration

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike



Episode 100

Today we have our episode 100 celebration podcast. In this episode we bring back every segment we have had on the show over the years. We have special guests in the pod cave this week. We are joined by Producer Mikes Wife and Serenity Moonbeam.

We talk about survival uses for a broken fridge. Mike talks about his Survival Show pick of the week. We play The worst case scenario game and a round of Conflicted.

The permaculture minute is on Bamboo.

We take the time to thank all of the guest we’ve had on the show. We give a special thanks to Jeff Radtke from the Lost Skills Podcast for being most interviewed and the only guest host ever.

We talk about how  I will be killed off in an upcoming novel.

We have a great time celebrating the first 100 episodes and hope you all did too. Here’s to the next 100!








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Building a Home Gym Episode 99

Building A Home Gym

Building A Home Gym




Building a Home Gym

This week Mike and I talk about the building of out out doors home gym. The episode mostly revolves around fitness and nutrition. We talk about pricing options and places to find used equipment. We also talk about some DIY options. Like filling 5 gallon buckets with concrete.

I talk about how I bought my Olympic Bar off Ebay for a decent price. Later I found Play it again sports had an Olympic Bar and 300#s of weight for $157. I would have prefered to get that.

Craigslist is another great resource. I’ve been watching craigslist for a few weeks and see several great deals pop up. You have to have the cash and act pretty fast though. The good deals don’t last long.

I think we mention me going to a scrap yard. Weights are sold for scrap metal sometimes so you can find them for really cheap. The only ones I found recently were 1 inch standard weights of all low weights. Checking regularly might get you some decent weights.


With episode 100 coming up get your voice mails in to me soon. If you want to be heard on the show call (615) 657-9104 and tell me what you’ve been doing with Survival, prepping and fitness. All calls will get on the show. Don’t put off we only have a few more weeks. Thanks for all the support and sticking with us through the first 100 episodes.


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