Episode-30- Dual Homestead Introduction

James and Mike Dual Homestead

James and Mike




First of all today is a landmark episode for us. Today is episode number 30 of the Survivalpunk podcast. It has been a blast so far. Mike and I are just getting warmed. Join us today as we talk about the new Dual Homestead Project. Other topics discussed are: The Oklahoma beheading. FBI say’s no one killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. How’s Mikes journey into paleo? 20 terrifying facts food companies don’t want you to know. MPowered Luci Lantern is the gadget punk of the week. Ben Law is the permaculture minute. The wild edible of the week is passion fruit.


Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead is the new project David Nash from The Shepherd School and I are working on. We both are big DIY advocates. That might be where our similarities end though.

Have you ever wanted to drop everything and leave the rat-race?
Everyone has….
Nobody does….
Meet David and James, two Tennessee Preppers carving out a homestead with virtually no budget, no support, and no backing down.
Both are rugged individualists,
Experts in their fields,
But they have widely different knowledge, skills, attitudes, and goals.
Can a Punk Anarchist dedicated to green living coexist with a gun toting ultra conservative?
Can an overweight bookworm keep up with a crossfit disciple?
Can they do the impossible without killing each other?
Meet James, owner of Survivalpunk.com
James came to prepping from his experience as a homeless teen , thrives on a paleo diet, is deeply involved with sustainable living, comes to the homestead to get in touch with Nature and become food self-reliant .
David is a former Marine and author of several preparedness related materials, his company, Shepherd School has trained firearm instructors for the past decade. His work as a professional emergency manager showed him how fragile the system is and his goal is to prepare a defensible off grid homestead to protect his family in the event of a catastrophic societal collapse…
Before they build they have to demolish the remnants of the former occupants…
James wants to recycle to materials to make a mobile tiny house; Dave just wants to blow it up…
How will they decide what to do, How to do it, and what compromises, hacks, and DIY tricks will they have to use to carve a farm out of the forest…



Links For Today

Oklahoma Beheading.

FBI say no on killed at Sandy Hook.

20 Terrifying facts food companies don’t want you to know

Mpowered Luci Solar Lantern

Passion Fruit

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Paleo Pancakes Made Easy

I saw an image on the internet a while back about 2 ingredient pancakes. I don’t care much for recipes. I just went and tried it. Bananas and eggs were the only ingredients. I mashed one banana and mixed with an egg and cooked in a skillet. When I tried to flip over my paleo pancake it fell apart. It looked like a dog got ahold of it.  The paleo pancake was delicious though.

Today I decided to tackle it again. This time I’ll make a decent paleo pancake. Same two ingredients as last time. New techniques. How did it turn out this time? Lets find out!

Ingredients Paleo Pancakes


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Jobs During A Collapse

I had this idea before falling asleep last night about Jobs During A Collapse. What will be your job during a societal collapse? What will you do. It depends on what kinds of collapse we are talking about of course. Theres a difference between you losing your job and a coronal mass ejection. If it’s a partial collapse like in Argentina then working as security would be good. If an EMP wipes out all electronics trying to get work as a network admin is not.

Having more skills gives you more options. Stockpiling books and learning during a collapse will not work. If you are not developing your trade now you’re wrong. Period.

I have some ideas on what Jobs During A Collapse are  most needed. What jobs will be worthless? What ideas are plain dumb? Let’s dig into Jobs During A Collapse.

Farming  Jobs During A Collapse


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Is This Paleo? Can I Eat This?

The most important work I’ve done in my life has been to inspire others to get healthy. I’ve spread the paleo msg since starting Survivalpunk. Over the years some have listened to that msg. They have decided to follow me down the paleo rabbit hole. Badass! I have emails and text msgs about feeling better and losing weight. Every time I think I’m spinning my wheels with this whole thing they lift me up. You are why I’m compelled to keep on preaching the paleo word. There is another kind of msg I get often though. Is this paleo? Can I eat this? I get those questions so often. I try not to get aggravated though. They are making a huge leap into a world they don’t know. It’s also a mistake on my part for not teaching the bigger picture. So today I’m going to try to teach a little better to help y’all out.

Paleo Flow Chart Is this paleo

Paleo Flow Chart

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Dual Homestead Project

I’ve talked about going off grid recently but have not shared many details. Today I’ll talk about it a bit more and share some pictures and videos with you. I just got back from two days out at Dual Homestead with some friends. We got a ton of work done out there. A ton more needs done. I’m tired and sunburned. Seeing the progress though is a great. When I first saw the land I was staggered by all that needs  done to it. We will truly be carving a life from the land. While not perfect the land had many great properties working for it. So let’s talk a bit more about the project and how you can stay up to date with Dual Homestead.


Dual Homestead

Dual Homestead

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Episode #29 DB From Florida Hillbilly

DB From Florida Hillbilly

DB From Florida Hillbilly




One of the earliest blog buddies I made was DB from Florida Hillbilly. Years ago when I was doing the Paracord Sandal I looked around to see if anyone else had done one. At the time the only other hit was on Florida Hillbilly’s DIY sandal post. He just used paracord as the thong on the sandal. Mine was all paracord. I left a msg saying I was working on one too. Being the great guy he is he said to drop a link to it. I’ve always been hesitant on randomly putting links to my site in comments. From that day we have been emailing back and forth. He even has an knack of wining many of my contests. I’ve seen his address so much I should drop by for a visit. DB grew up in West Virginia being a hillbilly. Hunting, fishing were a part of life for him. Looking for work he moved to Florida and has been stuck since.


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Paleo Survival Ration Bar

Everyone in the Survival community has seen the Survival ration bars. Mainstays, Datrex and others. I have eaten the mainstay bars before. Not bad really. Very dry though. Also the bars have many ingredients I’m not going to eat. Not only is it not paleo it’s full of chemicals. There is a better homemade version going around mostly made with oatmeal. I saw that recipe recently on a website. While reading the article my mind was already working. I began thinking about how to make a paleo survival ration bar immediately. I made a test one to give to people to try. The reactions to the paleo survival ration bar were good enough to run with for me. So let’s make a paleo survival ration bar.


Paleo Survival Ration Bars

Paleo Survival Ration Bar

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Paleo Simplified Energy Bars Review

I was at Whole Foods the other day picking up ingredients to a project I’m working on. While there I decided to pick up a few Lara Bars. I was looking around at the other energy bars and one caught my eye. It was Paleo Simplified Energy Bars. They had me at Paleo. A quick glance over the package and I decided to pick it up. There were two flavors to choose from. I went with the nutty fruit bliss (Blue Wrapper). I think the price was between the $2~$3 range. A few other bars caught my eye as well so expect reviews soon. So let’s open the Paleo Simplified Energy Bars and eat it.


Paleo Simplified Energy Bars

Paleo Simplified Energy Bars

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One Year Sober Today

Not yet technically. In an hour and a half I will be 1 year sober. By the time you read this though I will be. I’m writing this to share my journey with all of you. My name is James and I am an alcoholic.  Even now that I’m sober. I am and always will be. Every day I don’t drink is a blessing. Which is in itself a new concept to me. A year ago I was not walking the path I was meant to walk. Hell I was way off in the weeds. Though I still have miles to go I am at least on the path. The year has been hard. I have been in the grip of temptation. Door’s have also been opened. Results gained. Friends made. What does this have to do with Survival you ask? Everything.


One Year Sober

One Year Sober

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Amateur Radio and Prepping

I have an admin on my Facebook page called Grizz. Not his real name mind you. He does a great job of posting neat stuff to the page. He is very knowledgeable on amateur radio. I know next to nothing on Ham radio.I tried to read a book on it once and about fell asleep. After reading Grizz’s article I think I’m ready to try again. I’ll kick it over to him now. -James



Ham Radio Amateur radio

Ham Radio

Amateur radio and prepping.


1. Expectations.


I want to get this across first and foremost. If you’ve done any research on this at all for yourself you’ve certainly come across the “when all else fails” ad campaign. Combine that with the zeal of most of us that are preppers and hams, and I think people get the wrong idea that amateur radio is some kind of survivalist mecca. This just isn’t true. 99 times out of 100 the conversation is about weather, equipment or a lot of times amateur radio itself. I know of a few groups that have tried to get a weekly “prepper net” going. Although I only know of one that has kept it sustained for more than a couple months.


2. Prerequisite Info


Amateur radio is broken up into 3 license classes. All three classes require the passing of a simple multiple choice test.


- Tech. the test is mostly just about keeping safe, legal and how to set up your store bought gear. Privileges are pretty much limited to VHF/UHF.


-  General. You will have to pass the tech test, and the general test is a little more technical. Know how to construct/tune a simple wire antenna. Best bang for your buck, now you can legally transmit on every amateur band.


- Extra. You will have to pass the tech, and general tests. The extra test is much more technical, bring a calculator. Some bands have a small sliver reserved for these guys. I’ve listened to them you aren’t missing much. None the less if you are someone that has to go all in good on ya.


Understand that in an emergency you are allowed to use ANY MEANS AT YOUR DISPOSAL to prevent further destruction of property or loss of life. This means if you are a tech, have HF gear, and feel that your contributions would benefit somebody else… Do it. DO NOT hold back. There is however a catch. If you’re inexperienced and “don’t know what you don’t know”, you may be more of a hinderance. So what you say needs to be important. I logged into a skywatch net a few years ago without knowing the proper reporting procedure. I didn’t even know that I did it entirely wrong until I took the class a few months later. My report was not only useless, but I tied up the net for a minute or two while someone else may have had real traffic to pass.


3. How to

This isn’t meant to be a road map to getting your license just a list of tools/resources.


- Buy the study guide.


Personally I think this is the best place to start. Read it learn it love it. It’ll take you longer but at the end of the day I think the material sinks in a little better. The ARRL puts out a pretty good one (this is the one I used)ARRL.org.



Practice test.

There are a couple ways to look at this.


Some folks just take the practice tests a bunch of times till they memorize the question pool. As a tech licensee I suppose this is fine, but by the time you get to general you really should be able to explain the difference between an FM transmission and a SSB. Not to mention if things go wrong. (cause things NEVER go wrong right, remember we’re preppers) You should know enough to improvise.


The way I prefer, take the practice test. Take some notes on the stuff you don’t know. Then go out and study the stuff you don’t know. At the end of the day you’ll know the material at a far more meaningful level.



Yaesu VX7R Amateur Radio

Yaesu VX7R

Buy a radio!

But Grizz if I don’t have a license I can’t use it. Absolutely wrong. You are not required to have a license to listen in to the hams. You will learn a lot about procedure and etiquette just by listening in. And simple things like repeater frequency offsets will make far more sense once you’ve actually had to deal with them. More on what and why in equipment.


Ham Clubs

Ok so you’ll have to be a Ham to join but if you’re a tech and want to upgrade. Ham clubs are probably the best resource for learning skills. I’ve found in my travels a lot of times communities have multiple clubs, a lot of times the clubs will have a particular focus. Some on repeaters, some on emergency skills (foxhunts, etc), others will focus on contests and such. Also this is where you’ll find an elmer.


Find An Elmer

Way easier said than done. But they are out there. An elmer is an old timer that is willing to take you under his wing. Teach you things like soldering PL259 connectors, or tieing up guy lines. The kind of stuff that can’t be taught in any other way other than hands on. Like I said in expectations, 90%+ ham conversations are just about complete garbage. If you have “the talk” with someone that you’re hoping will become your elmer, better odds say he’ll cut you loose.


4. Equipment

Ahh the fun stuff… I’ll start with the most important part.


antenna/transmission line

There is an old saying among CB’rs, “A $100 radio attached to a $1 antenna sounds like garbage, a $1 radio attached to a $100 antenna can sound like a million bucks” Certainly expense doesn’t even come close to assigning real value to an antenna. The point though still stands true today. And as far as store bought antennas are concerned the age old standard is still the standard. With all the yagi’s, quads, and verticles on the market. The most widely used is still a simple half wave dipole. Of course VHF/UHF because of the higher frequencies get more complicated. But a homemade 1/4 wave ground plane will work extremely well. A google search for homebuilt antennas will give you days of reading. Entire books have been written on the subject.



I always like to recommend that people start with a decent HT. A great one that gets overlooked in the prepper community but I assure you, if you go to a ham club meeting you’ll see at least a couple Kenwood TH-F6A on a belt or two. Even without the TX capabilities. The RX SSB is very cool. Start with making a simple long wire across a fence or dangling out your window and you can be listening to HF with the same radio that you use to talk to satellites, repeaters, across echolink/irlp. Personally I have a Yaesu VX7R and have used the HUGE receive spectrum more times than I can count. Listening to truckers on road trips comes to mind. All that said if you want to buy a Baofeng I can’t fault you for the price. Just wouldn’t be my first choice.


Next I’d recommend a mobile. Cross band repeat is a feature I think should at least be considered. My rig doesn’t have it and I find when I’m in the bush it’s a feature I miss the most. With the Chinese bringing the price down on radios with the feature I see no reason why all of us shouldn’t have one. Truth be told I know lots of guys that have plenty active ham shacks and have NEVER owned anything but mobiles. Furthermore if you have a power-supply and a base antenna, you could easily pull it from the car and install it in the house serving to work as both, your mobile and your base.


Last of all, a base. Bases are nice, but for the cost you could build a far more redundant setup with racks and multiple mobile rigs. Yes the sound quality and the filtration is better but not so much to justify the expense. IMHO



5. Community


As you can imagine amateur radio operators are dying off faster than people are getting licensed. As such the community is getting smaller and smaller. There being no real requirement for someone to respond when you call, it behooves you to get to know the people at least in your direct vicinity. You may have a giant shadow from the area where you would be operating in an emergency. You would have no idea unless you’ve run your equipment with actual people. If you’re concerned about opsec, you don’t have to talk about prepping. But you must run your equipment semi-regularly it’s a skill you will lose.


I hope this helps somebody. As a rule hams “may not use any means (codes, cyphers, etc) to hide the meaning of a transmission”. The exception is “Q” codes and other Morse Code shorthand. 73 is one such shorthand, meaning “best regards”


So 73 and hope to see you on the air.




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