Episode 53 Will Mayor On Tracking

Will Mayor

Will Mayor




Today we welcome Will Mayor onto the show. Will is a Navy Vet who has formed a survival school. Will is currently focused on tracking.

Will is the head instructor at the Z.E.R.E Survival School in Ohio. Z.E.R.E. stands for Zombie Evasion Resistance Elimination. Will say’s it like this

” As a Veteran, I see people take an awful lot of chances with their personal safety on a daily basis”. It is our most sincere wish to be able to teach people basic modern survival skills, how to defend themselves, their homes and loved ones. While the world turns into a scarier place everyday, we would like to teach this serious skill set through the much loved concept of the zombie apocalypse.


We dig into how to begin learning tracking. Tips for those new to the practice and things often overlooked. We also discuss Obstacle course races and their benefit to survival. All this and more.
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Episode 52 Dan Green Interview

Dan Green

Dan Green




This week Mike and I welcome on my mate from Scotland Dan Green from the Greening Out Podcast. I was on Dan’s show and while back and knew I had to have him on. Unfortunately his wife couldn’t make it. I brought Dan on to discuss Anarchy. Like usual we went rabbit chasing and got into some interesting subjects. Some of the topics covered were. There were many subjects that I feel like we could have chatted about for hours. We definitely need to get Dan and Caity on in the future.

  • Who is Dan Green
  • What Got You Into Anarchy/ Libertarianism
  • What did you think about the Scotland vote for independence
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Spirituality
  • Drugs legalization
  • How do you live the anarchy life
  • Making friends through podcasting.
  • Metal Music

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Death Wish Coffee Review

Death wish coffee labels itself the worlds strongest coffee. A bold statement. Their logo is a skull and crossbones. The pictures on the website are tattooed bearded men. In short my kind of people. I was very intrigued by their claim of the world’s strongest coffee. I love a good strong black coffee. I do not fear the bastard flavor of bitter.

I can’t stand a weak coffee. If it does not put hair on your chest I’m not interested. I could not let a statement like Worlds strongest coffee go unchallenged. I knew I had to test out some of their brew. The great folks at Death Wish Coffee sent over a bag and I got to reviewing. In the name of science I drank many many cups. You are welcome dear reader. So how did it stack up to the claims?


Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

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Second Chance By Robert Kiyosaki

I love having the chance to work with people I look up to. I remember many years ago watching late night infomercials. I knew them all. I had my favorite ones. No not the hair in a can stuff. The ones from great entrepreneurs were my favorites. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve come up with a million small business in my life. Mostly unfocused though. Never living up to the potential. It took great mentors to push me. One of those mentors, unbeknownst to them, is Robert Kiyosaki. You probably know him as the Rich Dad Poor Dad Guy. I read his first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, right after deciding to drop out of college. I knew that college was not meant for me. I don’t do well with bosses. I had to make my own way. The core of what I learned from that book came down to thinking. The rich think different from the poor. Certain ways of looking at things prevents you from achieving the success you want. When I was contacted to review his new book I was excited. This is a sponsored post by Rich Dad. Regardless I will and have turned down opportunities many times if they don’t align with our values in this community. This I fully support.

Second Chance Rich Dad

Second Chance

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Episode 51 Spring Garden Thoughts

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike



I’m itching to start my garden. Was planing on already having it in actually. Normally by this time Tennessee is already having spring weather. Not this year. Winter is hanging on this year. Instead of the March 15th last frost date it will be April 1st before I put in the beds.

Instead of planting I’ve been thinking about what to do. Today I share some thoughts on what my pans are. What will I be planting? How am I going to do it?


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