Yaupon Holly: Survival Caffeine

Yaupon Holly

Yaupon Holly

The yaupon holly, Ilex vomitoria, is something I have wanted to try for years. The yaupon holly is a species of holly tree native to the southeastern parts of the US. Why should you be interested in this holly tree? The berries are not edible. The leaves of the yappon holly have caffeine in them. Did I perk your interest? It is a caffeinated native to North America. You might be storing coffee in your preps. It will only last so long though.

I want sustainable caffeine. When I first found out about the Yaupon holly I knew I wanted some. Being an evergreen it does not drop it’s leaves. It grows in USDA zone 7. Though not native to TN I should have no trouble growing yaupon holly here. With permaculture you could push it further north. Let’s look into the the plant a little more and make some tea.

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Episode 34 Halloween Special Monster Hunting


Zombies Monster hunting

Zombies By Joel Friesen



This week James and Mike have a very special episode. They share a piece of their history that has not been brought up before. With things happening right now though it felt like time to share. Some strange things are starting to happen. In an effort to help keep all of you safe it’s time to share. Listen in today as we discuss our secret past to help you see the future.

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Nutrient Dense VS. Calorie Dense



Wheat Nutrient Dense


These two terms are often confused. Nutrient dense and calorie dense are often completely separate. While you are getting enough calories you are not getting enough nutrients. This makes you crave more food. It is one of the reasons for overeating. Your body craves the missing nutrients. As you keep piling in food lacking in nutrients you stay hungry.

I heard recently that wheat was calorie dense. I almost snapped out. This common myth is so pervasive. If you ask ten people on the street if wheat is nutrient dense you will get 9 yes’. Why do so many think wheat is good for you. You will get many answers. Mostly we have relied on grains for the growth of civilization for thousands of years. It’s always been done. Tradition. I’m here to break that today.

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Putting the Home In Dual Homestead


Dual Homestead Home

Dual Homestead Home

Today I have an update on the homestead front. I’m sure you read about my frustrations a few weeks ago. This week is all different. I spent a week up on the land getting work done. So many things finally got accomplished. We still have so much more to do. It was refreshing to move forward. It felt like we were spinning our wheels for so long. Most importantly was the shed delivery.

You can homestead without a home. Though not quite a Home yet it’s progress. Not to go off in hippie land but it felt like home. I immediately felt comfortable in it. Well except the first night. That was a cold night. Let me tell you all about it and the other projects accomplished.

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Exo Bars: Cricket Flour Protein Bars

Exo Bars

Exo Bars

I’ve talked about the Exo bars before. I wanted to try some but never got around to it. Recently I shot them an email to see if they would send out some for review. They got them right out to me. I decided to do this review a little different. Normally I will open an item and take lots of pictures. Tell you all about what I thought about the flavor. Not this time. Exo has a goal to make eating insects normal. They want it to go mainstream in America.

In America eating bugs has become such a taboo. Like I’ve written about before I have eaten bugs often. None of this when I have to I will crap. As Coach Nick Says I live the brand. So I wanted to help Exo with their goal. I had a lot of friends try the Exo bars. People that have never eaten bugs before. In a small way I wanted to turn a simple review into a way to open eyes. How did it go? How are the bars? Let’s find out.

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