Survival Thriftiness Part 1 Episode 107



Survival Thriftiness

Survival Thriftiness



Survival Thriftiness

This week Mike and I discuss Survival Thriftiness. This is the first part in a two part series. In today’s podcast we talk about how to save money in the following categories. Reducing Bills, Food and Household goods.  As usual we got long winded and ran long.

A good method that we both have used is to call a service provider and haggle with them to lower your bill. If they can’t lower it you can often get incentives to stay. If they still can’t do anything for you many of their competitors will offer you a lower bill to switch. Loyalty is only good in friends and family.

We talk about buying food only when it is marked down. Making often expensive meats very affordable. I have found that local stores tend to have the best mark downs. The large box stores have pitiful price reductions. The same goes for produce. One local store often has expensive salad mixes marked down below a dollar.

When it comes to household cleaners making your own can save you a ton.

We talk about all that and much more.


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Army Surplus Gear For Survival Episode 106

Army Surplus Store

Army Surplus Store



Army Surplus Gear For Survival

This week I talk all about Army Surplus Gear For Survival. Why should you choose surplus over the newest gear you can find? There are many reasons. The first one to me is the toughness of the gear. Army surplus is some of the toughest stuff you can find.

It was made to be beat to hell and back. I have seen gear still in great shape from WWI and II. Not much made now could hope to accomplish that. Anything even close to matching army surplus gear in very expensive. I saw a review on a super tough hiking pants. They cost almost $300. No pair of trousers is worth that much to me.

Speaking of price Army Surplus gear can be cheap. Some of the gear will be a great bargain. Much less than their hiking/ camping counterparts. Sometimes though you will need to haggle with the shop owner to get that great price though.

Make sure when looking for A real surplus store to not be deceived by fake ones. A good army surplus store will not be a chain store. It will not have barcodes on things. It will be dark. They are always dark. They are messy. You will have to dig through bins of stuff.  Hell most wont even have a price.

Sometimes the “Fake” ones will have a few good deals. Check both. But The best deals come from real ones.


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Questions And Answers Episode 105


James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike



Questions And Answers


Join us this week as we tackle your questions and answers. Some of the topics include supplementing your camping food with wild edibles. Cooking with grubs, frying grasshoppers.

Matt calls in wanting to know how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning. We go deep on this question. With tons of info on how to keep cool during the hot months. Shading your house, reflecting the sun back and using the ChiliPAD to stay cool.


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Survival And Diabetes Episode 104


Survival and diabetes

Survival and diabetes



Survival And Diabetes

This week Mike and I discuss Survival and diabetes. With Mike recently being diagnosed with Diabetes we tackle how it can affect your survival.  We begin by defining some terms. Like what exactly is diabetes. Everyone knows someone with it yet many have no idea what it is and how it affects you.

We go on to talk about some ways to manage it not just now but in a disaster scenario. Most of the strategies focus on type 2 diabetics. There is not much to be done for a type one insulin diabetic.

We hear from listener Matt on alternatives to toilet paper. Both short term and long term. Mike and I begin by talking about a funny book by a 16th century French writer. In it he list the many things you can wipe your ass with. The top thing to wipe with is a gooseneck. The whole thing is crude and hilarious.


If you want to be heard on air and have your question answered give me a call at (615) 657-9104 and leave me a voice mail. Yes the msg is funny and it will mess you up.

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Preventative Medical Preps Episode 103




Preventive Medical Preps

Preventative Medical Preps



Preventative Medical Preps

This week Mike and I discuss Preventative Medical Preps. What can you take care of now that would be much harder in a SHTF scenario. Easy and safe procedures now that could be deadly without professional care.

Some of the topics covered are getting your wisdom teeth removed. Teeth pain is some of the worst pain possible. Getting them removed now could save  you a ton of pain later. No one wants to remove teeth with ice skates.

Mike and I both agree that getting lasik done might be the best prep you can get done. Not having to deal with glasses or contacts ever again would be great. Breaking glasses when the grid is down goes from uncomfortable to deadly.

Later We disagree about whether to get your gallbladder removed. Mikes point is that it can burst and you can live without it. My counter is that the gallbladder is needed to properly digest dietary fat. So having it removed and needing to go into ketosis during periods of starvation could be bad.


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