Episode 55 Gary Collins Interview

Garry Collins

Garry Collins




Today we welcome on Garry Collins of the Primal Power Method on the podcast. We suffered many technical difficulties during the show. However we had a great interview with Gary. Listen to James geek out on nutrition, defend Crossfits honor and have an all round great time.


Gary Collins, MS was born in Southern California and raised in the High Desert at the basin of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He has been involved in organized sports, nutrition and fitness for over 30 years.

A self-declared sports junkie, he participated and excelled in various organized sports since the age of seven. He is extremely passionate about the pursuit of optimal health in mind, body and soul. Collins has two goals: To make being healthy as simple and enjoyable as possible and to give people the truth.

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How To Fight The Government

How To Fight The Government. Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you come up with fantasy answers? Fighting the Government Red Dawn style with your main battle rifle. How about infiltrating them to fight from within?

Most of us pick and choose our battles. Mostly doing whats right, quietly, and daring them to say anything. Battles are being fought all over the country. Some being won by the resistance. Some won by big brother.

Is there a better way how to fight the government? Let’s explore a thought I’ve had recently.

How To Fight The Government

How To Fight The Government

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Operation Chokepoint

Opertation chokepoint


Obama’s “Operation Chokepoint” Cuts Off

“Icky” Businesses from Banks

By Clint Siegner, MoneyMetals.com


Ever hear of the clandestine program hatched by Obama’s Department of Justice called Operation Chokepoint? It’s a little-known effort to make it much more difficult for businesses to operate if they dare to sell Americans guns or precious metals.


Operation Chokepoint is strangling your freedom, and you need to know about it.


Long ago, bureaucrats began dreaming of the day when the complete transaction records of every citizen would be available for review. Cash had been souring those dreams. Individuals used it routinely and enjoyed the ability to buy and sell in confidence.

So the war on financial privacy was launched in 1970 with the Bank Secrecy Act. It targeted cash specifically by requiring banks to report transactions involving more than $10,000.


Politicians sold the law to the public as an important tool for thwarting drug dealers and tax cheats.


Fast forward thirty years to the turn of the century, and the vilification of privacy was all but complete. Electronic payments — credit cards and debit cards — had become standard. Anything not paid for with a card, especially larger purchases, tended to be handled by check. So walking into, or out of, a bank with a large amount of cash was highly unusual and sure to arouse suspicion.


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Episode 54 Winter In A Tiny House


James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike



This week James talks about how his winter in a tiny house was. What were the lessons that were learned. During the winter temps hit -4 at the coldest. Heat came from a small directional kerosene heater and a smaller electric one.

The biggest issue faces was the condensation. Without a dehumidifier the moisture caused many issues. The breaker was thrown once when condensation got into the fuse box. James’ microwave blew.


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First Aid For Snake Bites

Black Mamba

Black Mamba By  World Leaks


First aid for snake bites


Few unexpected events can put a damper on enjoying the outdoors more than a snake bite.

Fortunately, most snakes living in North America are not poisonous. There are some exceptions however, including copperheads, rattle snakes, coral snakes and water moccasins. Out of all the venomous snakes in North America all but the coral snake share a common trait, in that they all fall into a classification of snakes known as pit vipers. Pit vipers have eyes that are more slit-like in appearance, and all have triangular-shaped heads that feature pits on both sides of the head that are centered between the nostril and the eye.


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