Sameplate For Finding A Love

As many of you know I am a single guy. Being such a great catch you may find this absurd. Well I am very picky and have some eccentricities. A big one being that I’m paleo. I feel very strongly about my diet. I completely believe that humans are not supposed to eat grains. So going on a date and seeing my date devour toxic garbage for food is a turn off.

Most dating sites glance over diets and food. It may mention food in passing. On Sameplate it’s all about food. Sameplate is a dating site for foodies, cooks and dieters.



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Episode 44 News and Rants

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

James and Mike



This week we mix things up a little. We kick around a slightly different format. Mostly we cover a few news stories. We talk about film maker Michael Moore’s comments on the American Sniper movie. We spend most the episode ripping him a new one. Which then turns into a liberal rant episode.

Warning this episode contains a lot of cussing. We both snap out a little. Maybe a lot. With all the stupidity going on sometimes you just have to.

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Cleaning With Salt

Cleaning with salt is an idea I got from the BBC farm series. I have used kosher salt to clean my cast iron skillets for years. Up until recently that was the only cleaning with salt I did. Now that I’m living in the tiny house without running water I had to make some changes. Doing dishes became an even bigger choir.  I never was a fan of dishes and even less now.

My solution was cleaning with salt. Not really a revolutionary idea more a return to the norm. Humans have used salt to clean with for centuries. So let’s look at the how and why of cleaning with salt.


Salt cleaning with salt


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Episode 43 Tiny Space Prepping


James and Mike Tiny Space Prepping

James and Mike



Join James and Mike this week as we discuss the following topics. How to prep for extreme cold. Is the retail industry collapsing. 9 more calorie myths.We talk about the new book after the crumble.

The main topic this week is on tiny space prepping. I get this question a lot. How do you live in a tiny house and prep. It’s not as hard as you think. I have prepped for years in a small apartment. I managed to store 90 days of food storage with no problems.

I share some of my tricks to utilize space without looking like a crazy hoarder. Store food discreetly. Split up your storage for more redundancy.

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Eating Expired Food

64 year old lard Expired food

64 year old lard


Eating Expired foods is a topic that comes up often in the survival community. Some of you are terrified of the though. Others, like myself, could care less. Eating expired food is not a worry of mine for several reasons. Some personal reasons and some proven science.

Before we get into the meat of this article I have a few warnings. First a disclaimer. I’m no doctor. I am not advising you to eat expired food. I present this article as information. I will share some studies, personal experience and thoughts. Do with it what you will.


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