5 Indispensable Tools for Hunting Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer


5 Indispensable Tools for Hunting Deer

With deer hunting season fast approaching, it’s time to start dusting off all of your equipment. If you’re new to the sport, it can be hard to pick out just what, exactly, is essential to a great hunt. While we’ve advanced in technology since the days of our ancestors’ wooden bows and slings, there are still some things at the core of hunting that never change.

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Traveling In the Winter : How To Be Prepared

Car in the ditch Traveling In the Winter

Car in the ditch


Let’s finish up the winter prepping series. Today I’m talking about traveling in the winter. We’ve seen the news reports every winter. Someone gets stuck in their vehicle during a storm. They either die of exposure, or dehydration. Those are the two main focuses today. I will mention food. More for comfort and strength though. It will take weeks to die of starvation. You will most likely be found in that time.

I am going to advocate staying in your vehicle. If it is 0n the road at least. If you went off the road make sure to leave signs for rescue workers. You’re trapped on the side of the road. Surrounded by snow. No cell phone reception.  Getting home is not an option. What do you do? Traveling in the winter is dangerous but I have tips for you today.


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Patrolling Basics For Preppers

Patrolling by  Nick Tryon

Patrolling by Nick Tryon


Today I have a guest post from my buddy Todd on patrolling. Patrolling is a topic I’m looking into. It’s not one I see getting much coverage. I found one on ItsTactical that helped a lot. I wanted to give you guys with one so  I went looking for a guest post on patrolling. Todd stepped up immediately. In fact I would have had it out sooner if he wasn’t in the field at the time.


Patrolling in an apocalyptic area will and should be the same as patrolling in any other environment. There are five core principles that need to be followed regardless of the situation and conditions that may be present. Those principles are:

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Episode 32 The Survival Mom

Lisa Bedford   The Survival Mom

Lisa Bedford



Today we bring on Lisa Bedford The Survival Mom herself. I’m Sure most of you are familiar with The Survival Mom. Lisa Bedford, aka The Survival Mom, started her blog when she realized that all the literature on survival and preparedness was written by men, for men. She took it upon herself to be the missing voice for the many moms out there. The Survival Mom is a symbol for Mom’s everywhere.


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Calories For Winter Prepping

Snow Covered Trees Calories For Winter

Snow Covered Trees  by Rob Young


In this second part to the Winter prepping series we talk about calories. In the cold you will burn more calories. You need to make sure you count for that in your preps. I have a few thoughts on storing calories for winter. Like we talk about not all calories are  equal. You will not find advice here to store up on Twinkies. Twinkies are not fit for human consumption. The only reason to store them is for barter with Woody Harrelson.

In fact we can come out of winter beach ready. Last year over winter I lost 30 pounds to get down to High school weight. Calories for winter prepping can help you or hurt you. I’ll show you how to not only store the most possible calories but to store the healthiest. Let’s jump right into Calories for Winter Prepping.

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