Advanced Nutrition With Gary Collins 90

Gary Collins advanced Nutrition

Gary Collins

Gary Collins on Advanced Nutrition.



Advanced Nutrition

This week we talk Advanced nutrition with Gary Collins. After having Gary on about his off grid project I wanted to pick his brain on more nutrition. Gary, creator of the primal power method, has been in the industry longer than the competition. He is one of the few Master Level personal trainers. He knows his stuff when it comes to advanced nutrition.

I hit Gary with some tough ones this week. Many questions that I have on my health journey. I feel though that many have the same problems. There is a lot of talk in the health blogs on intermittent fasting, gut health, and weight loss stalls.

Gary handles all my hard ball questions without flinching. The mark of a true expert. On many points we agreed completely. On a few I heard answers I didn’t expect. That got me excited. One of Gary’s tops supplements he recommends is turmeric. That’s not something you hear from others in the field.

Gary goes in-depth on the topics. We spent a good 20 minutes on just intermittent fasting. The whys and hows. We also talk about who fasting is not for. It is a great tool for weight loss. But not right for everyone. Definitely not for beginners, elite athletes or bodybuilders. If you are trying to put on mass restricting your eating to a small window is stupid. If you are largely sedentary and trying to lose the last few pounds it works great.

I love Gary’s take on blood work and supplements. There are several supplements to be taking without any blood work. Vitamin D3 is one. We can  guarantee that if you live in the continental 48 you need it. If blood testing was cheaper testing would be or viable.

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Winter Car Maintenance With Grizz


Winter Car Maintenance

Winter Car Maintenance




Winter Car Maintenance


This week Mike and I are joined by Grizz to talk about winter car maintenance. Grizz is my head admin on the Survivalpunk Facebook page. He knows a thing or two about winter car maintenance. Grizz lives somewhere in the frozen wasteland of Michigan.

He has grown up a prepper and mechanic his whole life. He now works as an airplane mechanic. Which in my opinion is the most important. If you mess up  planes drop out of the sky.

Grizz gives us some tips on winter car maintenance. Including some  overlooked ones. We talk about tools and spare parts you should keep. How much is too much?

Since he is also a prepper we talk cold weather preps too. What extra considerations are needed in your vehicle preps in the north. There you might want to consider a portable heater. Here in the south zero degree rated sleeping bags are enough. Since you can’t carry water you need to plan on melting snow. So you will need a pot and stove.

A good pair of cold weather boots is important too. Don’t get stuck with Desert combat boots like me in the snow. They are not made for the cold or that much moisture.


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David Kershner Foreign and Domestic Author Episode 88

David Kershner

David Kershner



David Kershner


Today I’m joined by Author David Kershner. David has written the Foreign and Domestic book series. David takes a unique take on a societal collapse. I’ve not seen authors cover the collapse of the food system before. The food system is one of my main concerns. Both in availability and quality.

The overarching theme in Part ,When Rome Stumbles, deals with the downfall of America’s food system. Government malfeasance and corporate corruption is what breaks the food system finally. Hannibal is at the Gates brings about our financial collapse as our former colonial adversaries, along with major US debt owners, orchestrate a financial coup. His most recent effort, By the Dawn’s Early Light, but now introduces a HANE/EMP to complicate matters. He is  currently writing Part IV, Colder Weather.


We talk about The food system quiet a lot. being something we are both very passionate about. We get off on some tangents and getting David reeled in was an effort but it was a great chat. Consider checking out David’s highly rated books. I hear I may be getting killed off in the next one. Which is a dream of mine.


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Jeff Nimoy On Paleo Episode 87

Jeff Nimoy

                                      Jeff Nimoy




Jeff Nimoy On Paleo


This week Mike and I are Joined by Jeff Nimoy. He is an Emmy Award winning actor/writer/director/producer. Jeff  runs both the cooking caveman blog and the dating site SamePlate.

I came across Jeff’s blog years ago when I was first looking for an easy Paleo Bread recipe. As mentioned before I’m a terrible baker. So all my previous attempts had been failures. Jeff’s recipe was so easy a caveman could do it. While on his site I read his bio. That’s when I noticed he did a voice in one of my favorite Animes. TriGun as Wolfwood.

On top of creating great recipes Jeff created SamePlate. Sameplate reviewed by me here. Sameplate matches couples based on what they do or do not eat. You can find paleo, vegan, gluten-free or even another pizza addict. Which is either very important to you or not at all. I like the idea of finding someone concerned about what they eat. For others it could be a matter of life or death with food allergies. So if you are single go sign up.

We talk about what Paleo means to Jeff. Why he decided to go paleo. His best and worst paleo creations and much more.

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Off Grid Project With Gary Collins Episode 86

Gary Collins off grid project

Gary Collins




Off Grid Project

Today We are joined by Gary Collins of the Primal Power Method. This time Gary stops by to talk about his off grid project. Gary decided that to live a simpler life he had to leave California and build an Off grid house.

We get to hear about how Gary was able to find his land. Why asking always pays off. We learn the pros and cons of hiring a Green contactor. Gary used Faswall brick for his construction and talks about how it is working with it.

Gary and I discuss the similarities and differences of our two builds. Gary being 100% off grid and me being simi off grid. We talk about septic tank vs composting toilet.


We have a good chat about off grid internet solutions. Discussing what we both are doing. I also mention a technology using the now abandoned Analog TV signals. This is called white space and is slowly growing. It could be the best future solution for rural areas.


We hear about some issues Gary had with intruders. Gary Shares some of his off grid project security methods. I know many of us are concerned about security and he has some good ideas.

Gary mentions a new book detailing the process to avoid his mistakes. As soon as it is available I’ll let youse guys know.


Also I’m having Gary Back later this month to talk about advanced paleo questions if you have one let me know.




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