Episode 22 Jimmy Moore on Keto Clarity

Jimmy Moore Keto Clarity
Jimmy Moore





Up today we have an interview with Jimmy Moore from the Living La Vida Low Carb blog and Podcast. Jimmy has a new book coming out called Keto Clarity. I got in an early for review and it’s great. The book review should be out this week. Jimmy has been in the low carb field for a very long time.  Years ago when I first got into Atkins I found his YouTube Channel. He had some great tips and recipes. He was also both passionate and funny. Like Jimmy though I made some slips and put back on the weight. It took a few tips from Jimmy to get it back under control. Keto Clarity has all those tips and more.


Keto Clarity
Keto Clarity

Keto Clarity

In Keto Clarity Jimmy breaks down everything you could ever want to know about being ketogenic. The book is filled with science for those that want it. It also explains very easy to understand. The chapters end with breakdown bullet points. It is filled with experts in the medical and low carb world. Jimmy shares some menu foods as well. One thing I always wonder is what people actually eat.



  • Who is Jimmy Moore.
  • What is Ketosis.
  • How To Get Started.
  • What carb cravings actually are?
  • Tips to get more fat?
  • Seals are Keto?
  • Cheat Day.
  • Workouts?



Living La Vida Low Carb

Keto Clarity Kindle

Cholesterol Clarity



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2 thoughts to “Episode 22 Jimmy Moore on Keto Clarity”

  1. I’m stoked on giving ketosis another try! I have the book ordered. I experimented with ketosis diets back in the day. I tried Atkins. Several friends had good luck with Atkins. I tried the liquid protein diet for a week. Both times my energy was OK but it was kinda like a diesel type of non energetic energy. I need to be gas powered!

    Perhaps it was the protein that kept my energy subdued. Maybe I just need more fats. Virgin Coconut oil may be of help this time around. Dr Fife has a book on VCO and ketogenic dieting. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0941599949/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_img?_encoding=UTF8&colid=22U0OYH2EHJXK&coliid=I1R556YFJ3GF2L

    Anyway, the book should answer questions about burning muscle for energy (including heart muscle), or gout or kidney problems with a ketogenic diet. I don’t foresee any problems. Maybe its time to try ketogenic again!

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