Windows and Wiring

Homestead Update Windows and Wiring

Windows and Wiring
Windows and Wiring


Just a quick update for you today. I met up with Dave and Smitty at Dual Homestead yesterday. We spent the whole day out there getting stuff done. Progress is still going slow. Still waiting on some things to move along the project. It was great to see the transformation yesterday. It was a huge transformation when we left out. Let me share what we did to keep all of you up to date.


I saved hundreds of dollars on the shed by not getting any windows installed. The trailer that needs to be destroyed had 7 usable windows in it. Framed out and installed three huge windows and one small one. Two of the windows are south facing. It did a great job lighting up the place. There was no need for lights to see during the day.The windows also helped out the stuffiness problem with the shed.

Murphy’s law had something to say about our progress though. We forgot the measure twice cut once rule. We measured wrong on two windows.  Measured from the floor and not the bottom plate of the wall. Which meant we ended up with a gap the width of a 2×4. The easy solution was to add a sill plate to the bottom. Maybe not the perfect solution but it works.


Nothing fancy here. We installed an electric box to our RV hookup. Dave and I wired up seven outlets. Two of them were 20 amp circuits. The rest were all 15 amp outlets. We might still run a light to the bathroom area. For simplicity I’m thinking out battery powered lighting. I am trying to keep things simple. The water heater I’m looking at runs off propane and a D cell battery.

Water will be next up. Still trying to keep it simple. I’ve never done any plumbing. I thought about just bringing in water for simplicity. Stay tuned to see what we do next at Dual Homestead.


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