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Episode 35 DIY And Voting Rant

James and Mike DIY
James and Mike


First I want to apologize for this episode. I had trouble giving the quality you have come to expect. I am feeling a little under the weather but did not want to miss an episode. With that said you get to hear some excellent rants on voting and politics today. I go way off on a tangent and get angry. Which in turn fired up Mike. The main topic of the show is on DIY.

The News today was on The IRS over taxing legal marijuana shops. In some case over 100% tax rate. Mike picked another news story from cracked. We discuss 8 health foods that are bad for you. Mostly I get angry at the Author and bash her article.


Also Mentioned in todays show was a discount code for the Survival Punk Army. The Discount code will run until 11/12/2014. I’ll make a blog post later with more details.


DIY is the backbone to Survivalpunk. I originally started the blog to show off my creations. Over the years I have showed both success and failures. The spirit of trying to do things yourself is the message I spread. Many have no initiative to do things themselves. They give excuse after excuse.

The main reason given for to not DIY is knowledge. People just don’t know how to do things. In the past fathers passed on knowledge to sons Mothers passed on knowledge to their daughters. This no longer happens. Even things as simple as cooking is going away. I have met numerous girls that have no idea how to cook. If it is not microwaveable or drive through orderable it isn’t eaten. Men have no idea how to do even simple auto repair. I have met men that can not change car batteries. Let that sink in.

The bigger problem is not caring. They make no attempt to learn. They do not try to DIY. If it can not kill me, and sometimes even then, I will try it. I have taken apart most things I own. If It breaks I try to fix it before tossing it. If it can’t be fixed I will often use it for parts.

To learn anything just google it. YouTube, Blogs and Forums will teach you anything you want to learn. Be bold! Don’t be afraid to fail. To brake stuff. You will. And you will learn from those mistakes. DIY 2 Survive!



Gerber EAB

DIY in the Decline 

IRS Limits Profits Of Marijuana Businesses 

8 Health Foods That Are Bad For You

Yaupon Holly

Couch Potato Mike


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4 thoughts to “Episode 35 DIY And Voting Rant”

  1. I signed up for your posts right after the Jack Spirko interview – my son found y’all hit the spot. But haven’t found a place to download or indeed even listen online to the podcasts. Sorry, but could you please tell me what the secret is?


  2. really liking the pod casts. the “anti-voting” rants were great. please go with your true feelings and let it roll. trying to throttle back your thoughts as to please everyone is not very punk.
    the shows are very entertaining and even more informative. i have been listening since the first pod-cast. one of my favorite shows. i will be joining the survival punk army very soon. i look forward to couch potato mike’s podcast to come out.

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