Federal Reserve Income Tax

Income Tax And You

Tax season is upon us. For many this means tax refunds. Hopefully you use your wisely. It is money being returned to you after a thief stole “too much”. For some you will owe the IRS more money. I’m sorry for you. I have owed them money in the past. Nothing worse than being told that after a year of theft you owe more money.

We aren’t here to talk about those that are over taxed and those that pay nothing. That is a topic for another time. Today is about a misconception. That the income tax being stolen from you does something for your country. I read the following on Facebook recently.

“Let me look at it for what it is.. it’s an investment. Supposedly. My tax dollars are an investment into this country, and for it to be a sound investment; then I would have to *believe* in this country.”

The post went on about how our “leaders” are incompetent. Policy is getting worse and worse. To be honest all good points. With the exception of it being based on a fallacy. What is the ¬†fallacy” Let’s find out.

Federal Reserve Income Tax
Federal Reserve

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James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

Episode 35 DIY And Voting Rant

James and Mike DIY
James and Mike


First I want to apologize for this episode. I had trouble giving the quality you have come to expect. I am feeling a little under the weather but did not want to miss an episode. With that said you get to hear some excellent rants on voting and politics today. I go way off on a tangent and get angry. Which in turn fired up Mike. The main topic of the show is on DIY.

The News today was on The IRS over taxing legal marijuana shops. In some case over 100% tax rate. Mike picked another news story from cracked. We discuss 8 health foods that are bad for you. Mostly I get angry at the Author and bash her article.


Also Mentioned in todays show was a discount code for the Survival Punk Army. The Discount code will run until 11/12/2014. I’ll make a blog post later with more details.

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