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Gluten Free: A Lifestyle Not A Product

The phrase Gluten Free is popping up all over the supermarket. No longer are they confined in a special area. It is becoming a label to slap on everything. A buzz word. Potato chips are labeled gluten free. Well no shit they are gluten free. Potatoes don’t have any gluten in them. It’s like saying the sky is free of flying monkeys. Yes gluten is bad.  I’ve covered it before. So if gluten is bad, gluten free is good. This is a logical fallacy. Just because something is free of gluten does not mean it is good. Today I’ll cover some of the reason why this is.


gluten free
gluten free

Foods Without Gluten

Gluten is found in grains such as wheatbarleyrye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). It is added to some random foods as well. Oats for example get  contaminated from being processed in the same factories. So out of an endless amount of foods only a handful contain gluten.  This is the reason I don’t feel being gluten free is a hard choice. I’m not celiac so I don’t have severe reactions. I know some sauces at restaurants could be contaminated so I avoid them when possible. By sticking to a basic paleo, unprocessed diet you are gluten free. No meat, Veggies, Fruit or nuts have gluten.



gluten free
gluten free

Gluten Free

The store is filled with gluten free products now. I’d say 80% of it s complete garbage. Rice Krispies are gluten free. Potato chips are gluten free. These foods are certainly not healthy choices. They are now being labeled Gluten free. The other big issue is in items that would normally have gluten in it. Things like gluten free pretzels and crackers.  You would think that making then without gluten would be a good thing. It is not though. By removing the gluten containing ingredients they are forced to add something. That something is usually a lot of somethings and mostly chemicals. Many times the replacements are not much better for you. It is an out of the skillet and into the fire situation. I always flip over gluten free products to read the ingredients. It’s a weird hobby of mine. You will find some crazy ingredients.

gluten free
gluten free

Just Eat Healthy

Stop going out of your way to justify eating bad. Stop trying to mimic your old ways of eating that was bad. I don’t miss making a sandwich. I don’t need paleo bread. I have made it. Maybe a couple times a year. You can live without crackers. You are comfortable with certain things and look for them to be gluten free. With so so many food choices why get hung up on a few. Go try something new.



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3 thoughts to “Gluten Free: A Lifestyle Not A Product”

  1. What you said is so true! I used to have a bad sinus drainage problem in the back of my throat. I was always coughing! Going Gluten-free completely eliminated the drainage!

    Its surprising how many burger joints still offer gluten-free burgers with lettuce in place of bread. When I get a burger at Hardees, I just ask them to make it low-carb.

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