Low Carb

Episode 57 Low Carb Intro

Low Carb
Low Carb


 Low Carb Intro

This week we  goes over the basics of a Low carb into. How to  begin eating low carb. James and many others have lost weight on a low carb diet. Even on Paleo I tend to stay low carb. When not eating processed foods it’s hard to get too many carbs.

Mike is about to being a low carb diet for improved health and weight loss. In this low carb intro we cover what to eat. What foods are allowed. How many carbs you should consume in a day.

James talks about his first experiences going on Atkins a decade ago. What did he eat during that time. What kind of weight loss to expect.


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2 thoughts to “Episode 57 Low Carb Intro”

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    I used to be a compulsive garage/yard sale shopper but the last couple years haven’t had the time for it. Some of my favorite scores where a 140 round sealed battle pack of 7.62 nato for $15, a like new Kabar for $10, about $300 worth of reloading stuff for $40, about a dozen various swiss army knives for $2 to $6 each and I have no idea how many old carbon steel kitchen knives for .25 to a couple bucks each. The best prepper garage sales are when an old mormon couple dies or moves into a nursing home, they have amazing stuff, like 20 year old 5lb cans of honey for $2.

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