James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

Episode 46 Paleo For Noobs

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases
James and Mike



Join James and Mike this week as we tackle topics such as. Cheap gas and what is really means. The EPA is protecting us from wood burning stoves. The main topic this week is paleo for noobs. I got an email on how to get started on paleo.

Many people would love to get started on paleo but don’t know how. What is paleo and what do you eat? What are the rules to follow and what ones can be broken. Mike and I answer your questions on all things paleo.  James shares tips with you on how to be successful. Mike shares his experience when he went hardcore paleo. The wild edible of the week is Black Walnuts and Butternuts. Bill Molison is the Permaculture Minute from the Permaculture playing cards.

You can really geek out on the science of why to eat a paleo diet. If you are interested in that I suggest picking up Robb Wolf’s Book The Paleo Solution. It was what got me started on paleo. Robb digs deep into the science behind why eating this way is good for you.



Cheap gas could be a Trojan horse for America

EPA’s Ban On Wood Burning Stoves Just Days From Taking Effect

The eat fat diet that will make you thin!

Braaitime Biltong


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3 thoughts to “Episode 46 Paleo For Noobs”

  1. +1 for Couch Potato Mike to go full paleo. Also congratulations on one year of podcasts. I don’t remember when I first found this website, but it was quite a long time ago. You just happened to review something I was looking at buying and your site came up in the Google search. Then I had re-found the site going thru my thousands of bookmarks and by that time you were up to episode four. I have enjoyed these podcasts ever since and look forward to your future projects.

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