Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Review

Death wish coffee labels itself the worlds strongest coffee. A bold statement. Their logo is a skull and crossbones. The pictures on the website are tattooed bearded men. In short my kind of people. I was very intrigued by their claim of the world’s strongest coffee. I love a good strong black coffee. I do not fear the bastard flavor of bitter.

I can’t stand a weak coffee. If it does not put hair on your chest I’m not interested. I could not let a statement like Worlds strongest coffee go unchallenged. I knew I had to test out some of their brew. The great folks at Death Wish Coffee sent over a bag and I got to reviewing. In the name of science I drank many many cups. You are welcome dear reader. So how did it stack up to the claims?


Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish started by a former accountant turned coffee shop owner. In his coffee shop, Michael Brown, noticed that customers would come in and ask for the strongest cup. To give his customers what they wanted he developed a blend. Both the darkest brew and most caffeinated. The best of both worlds.

To further kick things up they only use organic fair trade coffee beans. I like to go organic when I can. Coffee is a product that it is a noticeable difference. The taste comes through in the brew. Fair trade for those that don’t know means the workers get pair a fair wage to do the work. That is just the damn right thing to do.

Is it the Strongest?

Now that I had some coffee is it the strongest? Time to test out the claim. Opening the bag I was hit with a rich smell. It had an intoxicating aroma. Sweet with an underlying brutality. The grind was fine but jagged. Ive seen cheap coffee with it’s large clumps. A lot of fine grinds are really powdered. The grind of this was like tiny ninja stars. Jagged small pieces of bean. No clumps nor powder.

What does Death Wish Coffee and a Lamborgini have in common? They both want to kill you. Every time you get into a lambo there’s a chance your going to become a pancake. With Death Wish you must prove your worthiness. Can you handle the worlds strongest coffee? Or will you spin out going 200 mph?

I drink too much coffee. My adrenal glands are shot. I didn’t expect much from this coffee. I brew up a cup. It was a black hole in my hand. I began sipping the surprisingly flavorful brew. I expected a brutal tar like sludge. I was very wrong. Death Wish was packed with flavor. So they can make one tasty cuppa but was it strong?

Before I finished drinking that cup my head was pounding! I was actually getting a caffeine headache from a single cup of coffee. That had not happened since my teen years. How could one cup give me more caffeine that my usually dozen? I was impressed. Great taste and enough caffeine to kill a moose.

Death Wish not only met my expectations but far surpassed them. They guys over there deliver a quality product. For me though Death Wish is not an everyday brew but a special occasion one. Need to work well into the night? Have an important meeting after going on an all night bender? This is your brew. With that said I went through my bag in about a week. It was a productive week.

Now that I have found the worlds strongest coffee the quest is on for the worlds most bitter one. I have not found a black brew bitter enough yet. Enjoy I’m off to brew more coffee.


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  1. Thanks for the review of this coffee. Sounds amazing and perfect. I love a strong flavorful coffee. Because of this review I had to start a new pinterest board called “all things coffee” so I could remember this when I can buy some.

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