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As many of you know I am a single guy. Being such a great catch you may find this absurd. Well I am very picky and have some eccentricities. A big one being that I’m paleo. I feel very strongly about my diet. I completely believe that humans are not supposed to eat grains. So going on a date and seeing my date devour toxic garbage for food is a turn off.

Most dating sites glance over diets and food. It may mention food in passing. On Sameplate it’s all about food. Sameplate is a dating site for foodies, cooks and dieters.



There are dating sites that cater to just about everything. Which is a great idea. It is an immediate ice breaker. You know there is at least one thing you have in common With sameplate that common ground is food. Food is the most basic need of humans. We all have to eat. The best friendships are formed over shared food. There is something about humans and sharing of food that is ingrained in our DNA. Food brings us together or tears us apart.

Most first dates involve food. For a good reason. You learn a lot about someone from what and how they eat. If they eat boring food they are themselves boring. Picky eaters are picky about much more. It means they care about what they are eating. If you are hardcore Low Carb and they are high carb lovers you will have an issue.

With Sameplate you can find people who follow a similar diet or love the same food. Are you a hardcore paleo caveman looking for a cavelady? Do you love burgers with an undying passion? The choices for diets and specific foods are massive.  No more dating vegans calling you a murderer. Find a special lady that loves bacon as much as you.

My only problem with sameplate is that not enough people are signed up. So I’m doing my part to help creator and friend Jeff Nimoy grow the site. Of course it is self serving help. After all I am looking for a paleo, anarchist hippy, redhead to raise goats. If you are single go sign up and share same plate to all your single friends. Also if you met those criteria drop me a line!


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12 thoughts to “Sameplate For Finding A Love”

  1. Well, how I wish I wasn’t old enough to be your grandmother and married. But I could learn to eat Paleo and I do love goats. Good luck with your search and you should be on the lookout for a gal that has plenty of skills, nurse, gardener, ex girl scout……no city gals who get their nails done each week.

  2. Wow, not much respect for the vegetarians in this piece! My husband and I know a dozen unmarried vegetarians across the U.S. who’d totally have been into this site as long as they didn’t see it advertised like this. Luckily, the site wisely does not speak ill of any dietary choices.

    I also wonder if people who like ¢rappy foods can meet? Shut-ins who live off boxed foods and instant ¢rap should be able to find love too! I’m going to try to get a friend or two to sign up here, — I’m just so curious to see if it takes off.

    1. I did not realize I was bashing vegans…The creator of the site is paleo and a lot of the people on it are paleo, myself included. I think paleo is the best diet but that is my opinion. The site does allow for vegetarians and vegans and any kind of disgusting box food you want.

  3. Aww, hating on vegans. You can bash us all you want, but I guarantee as this dating site grows the majority of members will be vegan or vegetarian. You might as well learn to love us 🙂 Plus we’re not that different really. Many are hippies and are into being healthy, just in a different way than you do.
    I like the idea of the site, even though I personally don’t care what another person eats. It is a good way for like minded people to meet though. I hope the word spreads and that it has a good following.

      1. You would flirt with someone who eats grains and doesn’t love bacon?! Tsk tsk 🙂
        And yes, of course I read your site 😀

  4. I don’t believe in vegan at all. I do think it is sound advice to eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but……I don’t care what one eats, however, vegans by association are USUALLY left to far left and that I do disagree with. So here is a new site and vegans are already gripping about having “their” preferences featured more. Liberal, left, complaining. The site is for food; all kinds of food. Yep, even junk food. Guess the vegetable people would like to have this site mandated to give veggieland equal or more coverage?? The types of food and the followers falls where it may. If more veggies participate fine. Personally, I like fruits, vegetables, all kinds of meat. I enjoy buffalo from time to time, but it is expensive. I used to be a heep-big hunter, but choose to hunt anymore. I would far more likely shoot a traitor, terrorist than a deer. So, let’s get to dating.

    1. I would tend to agree with more vegans/ vegetarians being left leaning. I have an ex that is a vegetarian but she is very conservative. I If vegans want more than more of them can sign up. Jeff won’t mind more members whatever their food preference

  5. :Romney
    Not one of the vegans/vegetarians we know are lefties. Just as none of the Christians we know stone people to death for violating Saturday as the Sabbath, but boy those simple-minded stereotypes just stick like chiggers. Most democrats I have to interact with are BIG meat eaters. Why not frame your paranoia in that light instead, since it IS more accurate?

    The singular comment about vegans flipped your switch into reading a whole bunch of things that weren’t said nor remotely alluded to. So here is a new site and vegans are already gripping about having “their” preferences featured more. Liberal, left, complaining. She didn’t gripe, she didn’t want “their” preferences featured more, she’s on a site not known for being leftist yet you think she must be one, and she’s not “complaining” any more than YOU are.

    She’s content to let people be whomever they want, yet you pen an entire paragraph against that concept of freedom. If this site is going to be about food preferences, they will ONLY survive if they cater to the Number One alternative food choice. Paleo is way down on the list of alternative eating, and it’s far more fad and far less popular than vegetarianism & veganism. Let this site grow and prosper for goodness sake. It’ll ONLY do so by ALSO catering to the number one group of alternative diet folk: the meat-free.

  6. Thanks Carrie. You seem like a down to earth, rational kind of person. I like you 🙂
    Romney, I wasn’t griping at all. I meant for my comment to come across as lighthearted. I know James personally and was just teasing him. I didn’t say anything about there needing to be more vegan preferences featured. I only said that there will likely be a large majority of vegans and vegetarians on the site as it grows. That’s only because there is a large amount of them, more than there are paleos, for the time being at least. For the record, I’m not liberal, left or complaining. It doesn’t make sense to assume I’m any of those things simply because I don’t enjoy eating meat. I don’t enjoy the taste or texture, plus I’m lactose intolerant so a vegan diet makes the most sense for me.

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