James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

Episode 44 News and Rants

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases
James and Mike


This week we mix things up a little. We kick around a slightly different format. Mostly we cover a few news stories. We talk about film maker Michael Moore’s comments on the American Sniper movie. We spend most the episode ripping him a new one. Which then turns into a liberal rant episode.

Warning this episode contains a lot of cussing. We both snap out a little. Maybe a lot. With all the stupidity going on sometimes you just have to.



Michael Moore Calls Snipers Cowards

Health Care Dot Gov selling personal data

Paleo Ceasar Salad


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6 thoughts to “Episode 44 News and Rants”

  1. More than likely this Michael Moore jackass was just spouting off for attention because he is no longer relevant. That said I have met people that associate themselves with the liberals that only do so because they support social programs, not all of them are so extreme left that they hate our personal freedoms.

  2. You actually pronounced my internet handle correctly on the first try, impressive! As far as slapping my mother over my name, you have no idea how bad my real name is that I had to adopt “wiandiii”.

  3. i’m sorry guys,unfortunately i can’t listen to the show anymore. my boss just doesn’t appreciate me sitting at my welder at work and drinking anymore. i dont see the problem though just so youse guys know you said youse guys 16 times. damn good thing i’m from wisconsin and we know how to drink here. or as someone from he might say we’re usedtavit.

  4. also just sow you know you said youse guys 16 times. i thought motherfucker was going to win at 15 times but you pulled out 3 youse guys out at the end for the win!
    mike called james an asshole 1 time and eat a bowl of dicks was said 9 times, which is almost exactly 8 more times than i heard it in the last 10 years,LOL! great show!get a hold of me and let me know when you want to have me on i think my voice can handle it now , hopefully i am done being sick.

    1. Eat a bowl of dicks is a new one to me, I’ve always said eat a *bag* of dicks, though the sincerity is the same. Also Mike needs slapped for saying Top Gear sucks, unless he means the US version. That version does suck at times, but the UK version is amazing, it’s no mistake it’s the most popular factual show in the world.

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