Salt cleaning with salt

Cleaning With Salt

Cleaning with salt is an idea I got from the BBC farm series. I have used kosher salt to clean my cast iron skillets for years. Up until recently that was the only cleaning with salt I did. Now that I’m living in the tiny house without running water I had to make some changes. Doing dishes became an even bigger choir.  I never was a fan of dishes and even less now.

My solution was cleaning with salt. Not really a revolutionary idea more a return to the norm. Humans have used salt to clean with for centuries. So let’s look at the how and why of cleaning with salt.


Salt cleaning with salt

Cleaning With Salt

There is a reason why humans have been cleaning cleaning with salt for so long. One of the reasons is that salt is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. As a cleaning solution it works like bleach only less toxic. Obviously you can’t use salt to purify water however though.

Salt was used in a slurry to wash tables, counters ovens and all over the home. The abrasiveness of the non dissolved salt helps to scour crud. While at the same time killing any gers on the surface.

Used dry cleaning with salt has some great benefits. The dry salt is great for absorbing grease. It will absorb spills.   I use salt in my cast iron to get off dried on bits. Instead of needing to be washed off it leaves salt instead of toxic chemicals.

Cleaning Dishes With Salt

Cleaning dishes with salt works to a degree. The salt scours off all the food particles. With salts germ killing properties it is also sanitized. Salt does a great job of absorbing oils but not removing them. When I clean off my breakfast plate with bacon grease on it the salt leaves a film. Though it is clean it won’t remove all the residue. I find that I need to use a dash of soap on greasy plates.

With salt I’m able to reduce both the amount of water needed to clean with and chemicals. Salt is a healthy alternative to store bought cleaners. It is also cost effective. Not need to use only kosher salt for cleaning. Use the cheap stuff to clean with.

Though not prefect it works for now. I will be happy when the water is done though.



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