James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

Episode 45 Q&A

James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases
James and Mike




Join James and Mike this week as we cover the following topics. How to keep water unfrozen in your vehicle. 15 winter veggies you should be eating. We also tackle a few questions from our audience.

What is our favorite post apocalyptic movie or show? Do we believe that political correctness hinders the first amendment? Find out the answers to both these questions.



Links For The Day

How to keep water unfrozen in your vehicle

15 Winter Veggies You Should Be Eating Right Now

Anti Grain Flours

4 Quick Tips For Living A Frugal Paleo Lifestyle


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2 thoughts to “Episode 45 Q&A”

  1. Loved the episode. Thanks for answering my question. Couch Potato get back on paleo. In fact, do a full episode on how to start the paleo diet. I listen to the lost skills podcast and he stated that he wanted you to do it. I am debating starting, but I need to know what I need to know. “All I know is that I don’t know nothin.” Thanks again

  2. Just catching up, but I’m pretty sure this episode was the one where you asked for Rutabaga recommendations. Ironically, my wife talked about making rutabaga fries right after I listened to it. But anyway, something we do that works pretty well is use mashed rutabaga in place of mashed potato on a shepherd’s pie. It’s a little odd because it has a slightly sweet taste, but it’s good.

    And yeah, Mike, get back on paleo. I need to as well.

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