In the Machine Till death





In the machine till death.That’s a phase Ive been thinking about a lot recently. You go to work and work your ass off till you die. Wasting the best years of your life slaving away to make someone else rich. And if your my age you will not see any social security. You’ll have to stay in the system till your old and beaten. Till you your soul-sick of the lifetime of slavery leaves you, That’s exactly why I don’t want. I’m make sure I’m always aware of that simple fact and make sure that I’m striving to gain my freedom from this matrix we are enslaved in. If you are fine with remaining enslaved no need to continue reading. If you however crave your freedom and independence take the red pill and join me


Photo from Enricopalombaro on Flickr

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Welcome our new columnist Shannon

To help out with my hectic demand of the five day a week pace I’ve brought on a great friend of mine. Welcome Shannon to Survival Punk. I’ve known Shannon for almost ten years now. She is an experienced gardener and crafter. She is right in-line with the DIY and money saving nature here.
I think she will bring a much needed softer side to Survival Punk. I look forward to Shannon’s how to articles and how to garden better.

Modern Hunter Gatherers

By Woodlouse on Flickr


I heard this term on a podcast this week. Modern Hunter Gatherer nomad. It struck a chord when I heard it and to be honest I didn’t hear much more. My mind was too busy pondering this term. It reminded me of the summer of being homeless. Moving from place to place and eating when there was food. Living off the resources of the “modern” landscape.

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