Just a short post for now will have a real  one up later tonight. Had a great hike today at Long Hunter State park With James and Mike from Skills and Gear. I had intended to do some gear testing but the rain made it a short trip. Two lessons learned though. One replace the paracord on the GHB holding the wool blanket with fast tex buckle strapping. The jostling from hiking kept making it come lose. Second add rain pants. The poncho worked awesome. At keeping my upper body dry while dumping water on my pants.

The Get Home Bag

The Get Home Bag, affectionately know in the survival community as the G.H.B. Because we all love acronyms right? So what is a G.H.B and why should you have one. What goes in it? And why not just carry your Bug out bag? Well I’m going to tell you.


I tried to get a dictionary definition or at least a urban dictionary definition of a GHB anything. All I turned up was forum posts and a few blog’s. Guess this will be another. So I’ll define it for you


A GHB is a bag whose purpose is to be able to get you from one place to another, usually home, with the minimal necessities required.


Well im no Webster but that’s the essence boiled down. Basically it’s a bag/ container carried in your car and possibly on your person at all times. With the exception of in your home. In your home you should have a Bug out bag (BoB) packed and ready to go.


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