fighting off winter colds

Fighting Off Winter Colds

fighting off winter colds
fighting off winter colds


Cold weather means getting a cold. For most people anyway. With a few measures can beat them. The body is good at fighting off winter colds if you give it a chance. I have a few things I do when I’m starting to feel sick. I rarely get sick. When I do I can figure out what I did to compromise my immunity.

Today Ill share some of my methods with you to fight off winter colds.


Fighting Off Winter Colds

I take a different method from some on fighting off winter colds. A radically different one. Take into account that I rarely get sick. Have gone to the hospital three times in a decade. Not for colds or the flu. I’ve never taken a flu shot. Also have not had the flu since I was young.

My method in fighting off winter colds is not to avoid germs at all cost. Not washing your hands a million times. No walking around with a face mask on. I don’t carry hand sanitizer in my pocket. I want my immune system getting stronger fighting off infections. It is meant to do that.

By eliminating all exposure to infections your immune system grows weak. Your body can no longer fight off weak infections. What happens when a strong cold or flu comes around. Your precautions might keep you from coming in contact. Maybe. If it doesnt you are screwed.


Eating Healthy

This is my main tool in helping my immune system. We are trying to become lean mean germ fighting machines. We need to be healthy as possible when fighting off winter colds. The better your health is the easier it is to fight them off. Eating good whole foods builds up your immune system. Eating bad foods, i.e. pro inflammatory foods, your immune system will be tied up.

Sugar is a great example. Sugar wrecks all kinds of havoc on your health. Check out this post on Mark’s Daily Apple. Sugar has a cascade of negative effects on your health. Blunting immune system response is the one we are worried about today. I try to avoid it most of the time anyway. During the winter when fighting off winter colds more so. Think about this sugar consumption goes up during the holidays and sickness sky rockets.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is my secret weapon in fighting winter colds. I Increase my consumption of of Vitamin C over the winter months. I try to do this in natural forms. So I drink more lemon water. If I feel a bad crud coming on I will start drinking pine needle tea. I prefer these over supplements. Most of them are weak and not effective anyway.


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One thought to “Fighting Off Winter Colds”

  1. As mentioned in your article “10 Winter Wild Edibles”, rose hips are also a great source of vitamin C and can be made into a tea as well.

    Rose hips also provide a defense against infection, not only because of the vitamin C they contain but also because of other antioxidants and nutrients included in rose hips, such as vitamin E, zinc, bioflavonoids, flavonoids and tannins, according to Rose Magazine.

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