Velcoro Backed Batter Holder

After all the cooking post’s I’ve done this week I though It was time to get out of the kitchen and do something manly! So today we sew! That’s right we will be dusting off (literally in my case) and make something quick easy and useful. Today I’m going to show you how to make a battery holder.

Elastic Battery Holder



I wanted something besides ziplock baggies to hold my batteries. Something with a bit more flair. For this project I used some fabric ribbon, Velcro strips and an elastic strip. Total cost ~$10 with the ability to make three of these. The main expense was the Velcro coming in at almost $6. Finding an online supply or an off brand would really save money.

Measuring the ribbon

I cut a piece of ribbon to slightly larger than the Velcro. Once cut I removed the plastic on the back of the Velcro and stuck the ribbon to it. I trimmed the ends of the ribbon and the Velcro to be a perfect match.

Sewing the Ribbon and Velcro together

Not trusting the Velcro adhesive I stitched around the perimeter of the holder.

Stitched Holder

Once stitched it developed a curve to it. Also the stitching is not the prettiest but they are strong.

The first battery

Next I stitched down the elastic on the end. I used a AAA battery and put it where I wanted it stretched the elastic and figured out where to stitch it. This method gave me inconsistent results but worked well enough.

Complete Holder 1

I chose to only put in four batteries and leave a “tail” to pull off easier when attached Now that i think about it on a version 2.0 I would not run the Velcro the entire length of the strip.At the end of the battery run I added some extra stitching to secure it.

The back
Elastic Battery Holder

This project took me about 15 minutes. It requires a very basic sewing level. You might even be able to make yours pretty. Mines ugly but functional. Testing will tell how durable and long lasting this will be. If you have no desire to sew and want one that’s guaranteed to last forever while looking amazing check out John’s design from S.O.E. If you do like to sew and want a fun project make one like me. Either way let me know in the comments what you think. NOW GET SEWING!




3 thoughts to “Velcoro Backed Batter Holder”

  1. Ugly?……… Not! … It is ‘Functionally’ beautiful.
    I’m already thinking multi-purpose and … Voila’ a velcro backed cartridge holder. Make the loops to fit your cartridge dujure’. the triple AAA size holder would undoubtedly hold .223/ 5.56… Larger loops … larger caliber

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