Silver Cloud Survival Shelter

Silver Cloud Survival Shelter Review

I was contacted a while back by the creator of the Silver Cloud Survival Shelter. I got a chance to test it out recently and share my thoughts on it. It was designed to be a light weight shelter that is very affordable. The design and simplicity intrigued me as well as the versatility. So lets get down to the set up and my thoughts on it.
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter
 Silver Cloud Survival Shelter


At first glance it looks like a huge rolled up space blanket. Which essentially it is with a an added element. That added element is tough plastic screen attached to it. This allows you to make a super shelter by reflecting the heat to you and trapping it in. The shelter weights 5.6 ounces. When it’s unrolled it measures 9 1/2′  wide and 10′ long. I like that the shelter is big enough for two people to fit in, at least. It come rolled up in a cylinder, that creator says it can fit in a pocket. Maybe a cargo pocket but not much else. In a pack though this thing takes up almost no space.
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter

Set Up

What I like most about this shelter is the millions of ways you can set it up Set up is limited only by your imagination. The site shows some really easy setups. I should have tried them out but would have probably sweated to death in this Tennessee summer heat. The easiest looks to be to run a rope, drape it over and use rocks to hold it down. I made pegs and tied it down that way. Set up, even my hard way, wasn’t that bad. I left it a bit more open to allow some breeze through and did not let down the plastic.
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter
Silver Cloud Survival Shelter

Final Thoughts

I liked this shelter as an emergency shelter. It is lightweight, cheap and incredibly versatile. The price by the way is $15, which I feel is great for this made in America product. I plan on tossing one in my BOB for the tiny weight on it and the usefulness. If nothing else you have a huge space blanket.

What do you think of this new product? What do you carry? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts to “Silver Cloud Survival Shelter Review”

  1. Very cool. How tough/flimsy is the material? The size sounds perfect. How does it compare to a GI poncho in durability?

  2. I’m the creator of this product, been working on it for about 2 1/2 years to get it into the package and also keep it affordable

    These can also be purchased on a whole sale scale for gifts or to have quite a few at half the cost

    I’ve been an avid minimalist outdoor enthusiast for most of my life

    Heres the website for anyone interested

    Thank you very much for the write up, its really appreciated for your time and energy to help get this product into more peoples hands

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