Why Do You Even Need A Assault Weapon And Other Drivel

While eating lunch today with a co worker this subject came up. A lady we work with, Donna, said she didn’t understand why anyone would need an AR. They went back and forth with both their points. Hearing about this conversation made me think It would make an excellent post. Not only on why anyone would need an AR but why I feel that even that isn’t enough.
Why does anyone need (Insert thing here)
I hate this argument, for many reasons. What people want or need is their own damn business. I’ve owned a AR for a few years now and so far it’s not left the house and killed anyone. I’m a sane rational person and I didn’t need one at all. I sure as hell wanted one though. Although I’ve not killed anyone I’ve shot a lot of paper. I mean a lot! It’s about the most fun to be had with your pants on. I spent about a grand on it. Other people spend hundreds on video games or whatever else kills their time. We really don’t live in a need society anymore as much as a want one. I can’t condemn anyone for buying anything they want as long as it does not in fringe on another’s rights.
Deaths Chart
Deaths Chart
No really why need an AR
There are some reasons why I chose to buy one besides fun factor. The big one being self defense. In fighting off attackers a rifle is a way better choice than a hand gun and I like anything that raises my chances of survival. There are many stories on the internet of attackers being stopped only because the person had an rifle. An  AR is not even magically more powerful than other rifles and in most case woefully underpowered. It is just a semi automatic rifle that shoots basically a .22.  Yes it typically comes with a magazine, not a clip mind you, that holds thirty rounds. Even if like in California the magazines were smaller changing them to a full one only takes a second. Pulling up the stats for the US in 2010, 358 people were killed using rifles. It does not break down what was an “Assault” rifle as opposed to a hunting rifle. Knifes came in at over 1,700 and hands feet and fist at 745. So I NEED an AR to protect me from knives and feet.
Why It’s not enough
The second amendment was made to give us the people the right to defend ourselves. Period. Part of that includes fighting a tyrannical government. If every AR and AK owner in the US right now loaded up and took the fight to the government we would be eradicated. The weapons that we can own no longer match the government. We do not have drones or tanks to enforce our will on others. The fact that I, a good upstanding American citizen cannot own a full auto weapon or a drone to fight their drones is bull shit! The state is becoming ever more oppressive and more a police state everyday and our ability to keep up is negated. Keepng it from all of us because some are crazy is a stupid notion.
Hopefully today gave you some insight on why people should be allowed to own whatever they want as long as they are not out killing and violating other peoples rights. Why the AR is nothing special and why it is just not enough.
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9 thoughts to “Why Do You Even Need A Assault Weapon And Other Drivel”

  1. Scarydad, you hit the nail right on the head! I need my AR because someone was stupid enough to ask why I needed an AR. Molon Labe.

  2. The definition of “well regulated militia” is citizenry equipped with weapons on par with the government. So really we are woefully under epuipped.

  3. You know, there’s nothing in the letter of the law stopping you from building your own drone. Just throwin’ that out there…

  4. as a child you always hear when you get older you can have that not now your too young well now im older and i want my 20th ar i will never register any gun and i dont care if they come out with another zillion gun laws i aint following them anyway good luck to all patriots

  5. I know i’m late, buuuut hands,feet,clubs ,etc can be used as assault weapons. Not as much mass damage, but weapons none the less. I believe the conversation should be about
    why a sane person would ask that question, considering history an all.

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