Doing The Same Thing Gets You The Same Result

One of my friends wife is trying to loose some weight and has been posting on Facebook what’s shes doing. I’m not sure where she’s been getting her info on weight loss but it’s pretty much all bad. I would interject a few things here and there. One day she messaged me asking for some specific advice. I gave it then she gave me excuses why he couldn’t follow it.  It was tired old BS she shot back at me. She can’t do it cause it’s different from the crap shes been fed her whole life. Crap that has led to her being overweight. Doing the same things you’ve always done will lead to getting the same results.

I resisted snapping out but just barely. I’ve seen this happen so many times. Why bother asking for advice from someone if you have no intention of listening to them. Obviously if you are asking for advice you believe that they know more than you about that subject. whatever you are doing is not working for you to seek advice. If you had been watering your plant with Gatorade and killing your them and asked a master gardener for advice they would say use water. It would be like calling them stupid and continuing to use Gatorade. I used this over the top example to make a point. To me it is just as stupid. If you get advice and as long as it is safe, no jumping off a bridge, give it a freaking try. Doing anything for thirty days won’t kill you. At the very least go verify what you’ve been told. While looking it up look for people that have actually done that not back seat naysayers. There are a lot of people on the internet that attack things just because they have opposing opinions.
The main takeaway is that if you are doing something and it is not working stop trying to keep doing it that way. That is insanity to continue, you will only get the same results. Stop and do something different, do the opposite even. If you are eating a low fat high carb diet and not loosing weight try the opposite and see, and you will, if you loose weight.  Commit to the advice or new plan, instead of thinking about it too much just do it and measure the outcome. There is too much talking about things now and not enough doing of things.
What do you when something isn’t working? Do you keep on doing it or move on? Let me know in the Comments!
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2 thoughts to “Doing The Same Thing Gets You The Same Result”

  1. I think some people know they have a problem but do not want to be take responsibility for their problems. So they try to shift the blame on you and get frustrated when that does not work. So now you know not to waste your time the next time they ask (and they will, they always do when the guilt kicks in).

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