Perky Jerky Review

This past week I was grabbing a drink from a gas station and I saw a package of Perky Jerky. I had been meaning to try some for a while and decided to give it a try.

I have to admit the price for this was pretty outrageous and almost prevented me from even buying it. I is a 1 oz package of Jerky that cost well over $2! It is labeled as Ultra Premium Beef Jerky. So right off the bat it’s already at a disadvantage. But I really wanted to review it for you guys so I got it anyway.

As for the taste it has a unique taste. I have never eaten a jerky that tasted like this before. It had a flavor that was very reminiscent of green olives. The salt was not over powering just the right balance. It was by far the most tender jerky I’ve ever had. It practically dissolved in the mouth.

I think the name is very misleading however though. The name Perky Jerky lead me to believe it was caffeinated. Which it used to be and was highly marketed as such. Now it only has a small amount of Guarana. Thanks to the USDA forcing the company to mellow it out.  So although there is a minor caffeine effect it’s not enough to be a real caffeine alternative.

It seems that the real selling factor in Perky Jerky now is that they don’t use preservatives, nitrates or msg. While I can definitely agree with that choice I do not like a few ingredients they use. They use both Soy sauce and tamari. Why use both and not just the tamari? Also brown sugar and evaporated cane syrup. So this is not a product that I will be eating often or possibly ever again.

In summary Perky Jerky is over priced, falsely named albeit tasty jerky. I think for people who are only worried about preservatives and want organic ingredients then this could be a product worth getting. For the paleo crowd it just does not go far enough in that direction to be considered however. I would rather get a regular bag of Jerky and deal with bad ingredients that pay more and still not get what I want. So on Perky Jerky I’m going to say pass on wasting your money on it.



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