Paleo Survival Ration Bars

Paleo Survival Ration Bar

Everyone in the Survival community has seen the Survival ration bars. Mainstays, Datrex and others. I have eaten the mainstay bars before. Not bad really. Very dry though. Also the bars have many ingredients I’m not going to eat. Not only is it not paleo it’s full of chemicals. There is a better homemade version going around mostly made with oatmeal. I saw that recipe recently on a website. While reading the article my mind was already working. I began thinking about how to make a paleo survival ration bar immediately. I made a test one to give to people to try. The reactions to the paleo survival ration bar were good enough to run with for me. So let’s make a paleo survival ration bar.


Paleo Survival Ration Bars
Paleo Survival Ration Bar


Like always I like to use the fewest ingredients as possible. This time I hit a home run with the paleo survival ration bar. I managed to make a paleo survival ration bar with only 4 ingredients. No funky preservatives in  here. No grains, no dairy and no legumes. Making this 100% paleo.


  • 2 cups  of Dried Dates.
  • 2 cups Unsweetened Shredded Coconut.
  • 8 tbsp of Coconut Oil.
  • 2 Packets of True Lemon.

For those that aren’t familiar with True Lemon it is crystallized lemon. This way you get the lemon flavor without adding moisture or artificial ingredients.


Making Them


Dried Dates Paleo Survival Ration Bars
Dried Dates


You’re going to need a food processor to make a paleo survival ration bar. The better it is the easier it will be. Mine was not powerful enough to chop up the dates all at one. I had to run them in small batches. Leaving out the dates to come to room temp might help. If your food processor is big enough you can run all the ingredients for the paleo survival ration bar at once. If not follow my directions. When you have ran all the dates through the food processor set them aside.


Shredded Coconut Paleo Survival Ration Bars
Shredded Coconut



Next we need to start combining the ingredients. I mixed coconut oil and flakes with the processed dates in small batches. Run the processor until the mixture has a creamy consistency. Once all the dates have been mixed with the coconut flakes dump into a bowl.


Paleo Survival Ration Bars Mixture
Paleo Survival Ration Bar Mixture

I had some coconut flakes that couldn’t fit into the food processor so I mixed by hand in the bowl. At this point I also added in the true lemon. I waited  to sprinkle it  to spread more evenly. The first time I made it I put the true lemon  in the food processor. It didn’t  mix evenly and some bites were more lemony


Next you need to spread the paleo survival ration bar on  a cookie sheet and form into a bar shape. Try to get even on the sides. After I formed it I made some cuts in it to help with breaking it. When it’s set and chilled it is very hard. Next we need to place it in the freezer to set. I placed the paleo survival ration bar in while writing this so about thirty minute should do.


Paleo Survival Ration Bars
Paleo Survival Ration Bar


Paleo Survival Ration Bar

So a Mainstar Bar is 3,600 calories and the homemade one is 3,000. My paleo survival ration bar comes out to be 2,085. Which is enough to keep you alive for 1~2 days. Going the the estimates found online without refrigeration this should last 6 months~1 year. No expiration if kept frozen. So not exactly a put and forget item, but close. Why would you let this sit that long though. You wouldn’t after you try it.

I took a paleo survival ration bar to Crossfit and let a coach try it. She never turns down any food and liked it. I took it mostly to eat post workout. I met up with a friend after and let her try it. She tried my paleo survival ration bar and the paleo simplified bar. She prefered mine over the paleo simplified one. Dave from The Shepherd School tried one out at the land and he really liked them. I’ll have a video up on it soon.


Paleo Survival Ration Bars
Paleo Survival Ration Bar

The flavor is like a lemon bar. Exactly what I was aiming for. I can taste the coconut and the lemon mostly. The dates mostly just add sweetness. The coconut oil adds a creaminess to them. They taste great. I’m mildly surprised by how good they are. I’ve tried coconut bars before in the past and they were atrocious. Like nauseatingly bad. The problem with these ones would be in not devouring them all in one go. They may be paleo but 2k of calories is too much.

As a paleo survival ration bar I think I nailed it. Keep some in the freezer for camping trips. If you are bugging out grab them and go. They will last a year and if a disaster last longer than that we are in serious trouble.

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17 thoughts to “Paleo Survival Ration Bar”

  1. How about forming them in a cupcake pan? Like 1/2 full. Do the calories per bar refer to the size and thickness? I need some snacks for my husband that are sweet to get him off carbs this might be the ticket.

    PS you might want to have someone edit your posts for you, you have some double words and misspelled words. Just sayin’

  2. Killer idea, brother! I’m trying to not only go back to Paleo, but also convince my wife to go Paleo with me. I’ll have to try some of these, and see if they help with the taste argument.

  3. I tried the bars with my juicer, that has a food processing function. At the time, I used sweetened flakes which were OK, but I think the unsweetened flakes would take away some of the excessive sweetness. I just located the unsweetened flakes in a Bob’s Red Mill bag at Publix.
    The lemon sprinkles worked fantastic! A good idea for any baked goods. Even with the sweet flakes, the bars were good!

    Ya gots me to experimenting with the ingredients to Lara Bars. I discovered dried apples will remove some of the excessive sweetness to the dates and perhaps lower the sugar and calorie count. I added nuts, as a nut butter, as my processor processes nuts as a mixture of all ingredients. Nuts would dry up the mixture. I found the coconut oil added needed moisture to the mix. I would go by feel as to how much oil to add. Great idea there!

    The experiment continues with various ingredient combinations, but ya got me hooked on homemade bars. I’ll never buy another Lara Bar again! I never realized how easy it was to make my own. I checked various bags of dried fruit and berries. Most had too much added sugar or preservatives, but good options were available. This was at Costco. Time to put my dehydrator in high gear!

    I got some xantham gum to add to your coconut bannock recipe. If that helps, I will report back.

  4. Just getting back into the Paleo scene (actually Keto or maybe a keto/paleo blend). How do the dates fit in? From what I am seeing nutritionally they are 21g carbs per 1 ounce (that is probably undried but I don’t think there is a difference). Is that just a sacrifice made given the accomplishment of a convenient paleo bar? I also understand they are for sweetening so they could of course be scaled back I imagine.

  5. magnificent post, very informative. I wonder
    why the other experts of this sector do not realize this.
    You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

      1. What do you mean by “The coconut oil would prevent it [home dehydration]..?”

        Do you mean they just wouldn’t truly “dry?”

        I agree, but what if we made these bars and vacuum sealed them in mylar bags with oxygen absorber packets in them? Do you think they would keep? After all, what we’re looking for is survival food that can last until an emergency may happen.


        1. Right. You’re not going to be able to dry the coconut oil. It does last a pretty long time though. Im thinking the better option would be to store the ingredients in their sealed containers to be made during a dissaster.

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