Finished Bread

Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Right Now I have a loaf of Paleo Pumpkin bread baking in the over. Yes you should be jealous. Its not even done and I’m already calling this a huge success. After all its a slightly pumpkin-ized version of my tried and true paleo bread recipe. Having pumpkin flavor can only make it that much better. Also I licked the spoon. It was yummy. Let me show you how I made paleo pumpkin bread and by the end it will be done and I can taste (devour) a slice.

This is a recipe I’ve been planing since I made the first batch of Paleo Bread. Like I said in that article, I don’t think bread, even paleo, should be an everyday item. For special occasions though, Yes and a loaf of pumpkin bread is a special occasion.

Pumpkin Bread Ingredients
Pumpkin Bread Ingredients


  • 12 oz of Almond Butter
  • 15 oz Pumpkin Puree
  • 5 large eggs
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla
  • 2 tbsp Pumpkin Spice
  • 1 tsp baking powder

I didn’t bother measuring the almond butter or pumpkin and instead just used the entire containers. Feel free to alter the proportions. Im just making up as I go. The batter was very thick until I added in the pumpkin.

Lets Bake!

Beat the Eggs
Beat the Eggs

Step one break your eggs into your bowl.  Using an electric mixer combine the eggs and aerate them. Also at this point pre-heat your over to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Almond butter mixed in
Almond butter mixed in

Next add in the whole jar of the almond butter. Start mixing on slow and mix for a few minutes until fully combined. If you are mixing by hand I’m sorry for you. This batter is very thick and hard to mix.

The other ingredients
The other ingredients

Next add in the can of pumpkin puree. The baking powder, vanilla and pumpkin spice. Once again mix until fully combined.

Pour into pan
Pour into pan

Once thoroughly mixed pour your batter into a greased pan. Smooth the batter if you want and put into the pre-heated over. Let it bake for 45~50 minutes or until you can stick a tooth pick in and come out dry. If you have kids around they are going to be crawling all over you to lick the spoons. So share some its good!

Finished Bread
Finished Bread 


This just came out of the over. My apartment smells amazing. Now I’m sitting here waiting for it to cool so i can slice it and eat some. I was mildly worried that the pumpkin puree would not bake up right and that it would not rise without adding an acid like lemon juice. It cooked all the way through and did rise. So now its down to the final test. Does it taste good? Wait wait wait.

Sliced Bread
Sliced Bread

The results? Pretty good. I thought It had finished cooking but when cuttings it some of the middle was still liquid. Also it was not really firm enough. The pieces I tried were very very moist and spongy. I’m not a fan of sweet foods so I like the way it turned out but you might want to consider adding some honey into the batter. Also I would reduce the amount of pumpkin puree. So this recipe needs some tweaking. Tasty as it is I’m gonna call it a work in progress.

Have any ideas on improving the paleo pumpkin bread? Let me know in the comments



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8 thoughts to “Paleo Pumpkin Bread”

  1. Try adding ground flax seeds (buy them whole, in bulk, keep them frozen, and grind them as needed in a small coffee grinder that you don’t use for coffee).

    The flax meal will help bind and add body to the bread.

    Good work – I love the taste combination of pumpkin and almond.

    And of course, this time of year you can use real pumpkin.

    Not that I dumpster dive (ahem), but a lot of supermarkets throw out perfectly good pumpkins because their stems are broken and they aren’t sellable as Halloween ornaments.

  2. Mentioned to the misses, she thought it sounded good and it turns out we have all the ingredients! One problem, our pumpkin puree is not pumpkin puree, but whole pumpkins from fall harvest. Need to research, do I bake the pumpkin first then puree or is it raw puree? Any ideas out there?

    1. I’d cut the pumpkin into cubes and steam it until soft. The skin peels off real nice and then you can just mash the chunks into puree.

      By the way, I found this blog via The Survival Podcast and really enjoyed the interview. Lots of fun for this suburban progressive to hang out with such a different group of people!

      1. Simple enough. Maybe bake in half on wet cookie sheet like acorn squash? Then scoop out?
        Not a punker myself but totally dig the mindset and diy nature here. Fellow sentinel for sure.

  3. Baking the pumpkin will bring out some nuanced flavors, but will take a lot longer (and therefore more energy). I’d bake if I were making a fancy pumpkin bisque recipe, maybe. But steaming is so quick and easy, it’s pretty much the only way I prepare pumpkin puree.

  4. I make a recipe similar to this but with coconut flour as an added ingredient… i will bake up a batch of the “bread” and use it the next morning for paleo french toast…


    (great site btw…)

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