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Overcome And Adapt

Windows and Wiring Overcome and adapt
Overcome And Adapt


I’ve touched on this subject before. Overcome and adapt. With the tiny house build I’ve embraced it further. Many will fall apart when they get to a problem. Things have to work out right or they loose it. I would be screwed if that was the case. House building will teach you to overcome and adapt.

It’s like a battle between you and the house. The house will only accept you if you can beat it. For being such a small house it has thrown a lot at me. Today I just got two more delays. Making the movie in deadline of a week from now seem that much harder. I’ll overcome and adapt of course. I’m already thinking of solutions. My impatience is kicking in though.


Overcome And Adapt

One of the challenges I came across was the living room light. I realized after we had finished the wiring and hung the walls we forgot to add a light switch. I like being able to flip on the lamps with a light switch. Taking down the walls and running wiring was not an option. Way too much work.

My solution I found was a $14 one. I found a remote control plug in light switch from lowes. One piece looks like a standard wall light switch. It has a battery and just screws onto the wall. The other piece plugs into an outlet and you plug in your lamp. You can mount the switch wherever you want it. The plug even allows you to use the other socket in the outlet. One of my pet peeves was that turning off the light meant that outlet was useless. Makes a terrible place to charge a phone overnight.

We also did not run wiring for a porch light. The solution was also easy for this. I found solar powered ones at lowes also. Under $100 and easy to install. Just screw into the wall and forget about it. We would have spent about that to run wires and buy an outside light anyway.

I’m off to get some done at the land.


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One thought to “Overcome And Adapt”

  1. James, Don’t want to bug you too much and cause you too slow down on that house. I have enjoyed keeping up with your project. I can imagine how easy it would be to become overwhelmed. It seems you’ve got the right mindset. Keep up the good work. We are pulling for ya.

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