Medicinal Moonshine to cure coughs

For this article on medicinal moonshine I wish I had a gypsy wagon for selling snake oil from. Crazy James’ Snake Oil Wagon of Wonder. Maybe a new business venture for me if this Survivalpunk thing doesn’t pan out. So I got over the stomach virus thing and a few days after I started having a sore throat and a horrible cough. I felt really bad for a few days, achy, tired, runny nose, the works. I thought I might have caught the flu going around. Actually I might have or maybe bronchitis, I’m not sure I don’t go to the doctor and I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on the internet. All I know is know five days later I’m still coughing and it sucks. One of my good friends who knows a lot more about both herbal remedies and a lot more about moonshine told me to take some to get rid of my lingering cough. Well I’m never one to turn down a chance medicinal moonshine so this is what I did for my cough.



Medicinal Moonshine

The recipe my friend gave me, after I already made this one, is as follows:

  • One Shot of Moonshine
  • A spoon full of Honey
  • A squeeze of Lemon juice

I might try that when I wake up but right now I’m drinking another recipe. I knew she had said to combine Moonshine, Honey and Lemon and Googled that while waiting for her to text me back with her recipe. I came across a whole slew of mecicinal Moonshine remedies on this site. What I followed was his Pleasant-tasting syrup for a nagging cough, and a nagging cough was exactly what I have. The recipe looked super easy so let’s make some medicinal Moonshine cough syrup.



You will need three things to make this cough syrup. Moonshine, Honey and a lemon. I love short shopping lists. If you can get real Moonshine or make it then that’s the best. I was in a rush and even living in Tennessee couldn’t get any quickly. The local liquor stores now sale moonshine. It is not as strong as the real stuff but close enough for me. For the honey I suggest going local if you can. I bought the most local stuff I could get with the cone still in it. For the lemon just get one, unless your Florida Hillbilly you probably don’t have them growing in your backyard.

medicinal Moonshine Cough Syrup
Moonshine Cough Syrup

For this recipe it calls for 1/4 a cup of Moonshine, 1/4 a cup of honey and 1 tbsp of lemon. I mixed this together in a Pyrex measuring cup and then heated in the microwave. Stirred it when it came out, and it combined really well and was not as thick as I expected. I poured this into my coffee cup and started sipping. This stuff is by far the best cough syrup I’ve ever had. It taste amazing and is both soothing my throat and warming me up from the moonshine. It is very very sweet though, I normally don’t consume any sweet things and this much honey is kind of overpowering. It does make the moonshine easy to get down though. As for the overall effectiveness I will have to get back with you one that, so far I’m feeling better and getting very drowsy. So I’m going to finish off my drink and go to sleep. Hopefully I wake up with no cough and feeling great.

What do you take for a cough? Store bought over the counter, Doctor visit or home remedies? Let me know in the comments!


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25 thoughts to “Medicinal Moonshine to cure coughs”

  1. My mom used to make a remedy like this when I was sick but moonshine is an optional upgrade, we just used whatever whiskey was on hand. and that recipe doe seem heavy on the honey. I think mom made my medicine by the shot .. 3/4 shot glass of moonshine/whiskey/?? .. heated up .. stir in 1 tablespoon of honey .. 1 tablespoon of lemon .. makes one dose.

  2. Rob .. a health tonic I make now when i’m sick is a shot of warm apple cider vinegar .. with a spoonful of cayenne pepper powder .. clears your throat, makes you warm .. good cleanser.

  3. Hi Gregory,
    Yes I likes me some Braggs, but anything with the mother in it is still the key I think. Dr Christopher promoted that the honey kept the “medicine” on the back of the throat, Could be he did not like alcohol other than using it in tinctures. There are some Dr. Shultz stuff that is pricey but contains about the same stuff but he goes crazy wild with hot pepper (African Bird and others), I love it but it is not for a pepper novice, he adds horseradish as well.

  4. Buckwheat honey is actually prescribed by mainstream medical docs to help with coughs and bronchial issues. I got it in my preps for cough medicine. Something about buckwheat honey is better than others for coughs? I’d do tequila, lemon, buckwheat honey and cayenne, might taste nasty, but beats NyQuil! Also chew a garlic clove before bed at the onset of any throat issues, BAM, ive knocked out several colds and flus this way, if it repels vampires how do you think viruses feel about it:))))))

  5. Are you kidding? We had that for coughs all the time when we were kids! Back in the late 60’s-early 70’s! (Cough, cough! MOOOOOM I’m SICK!!) I currently have a concoction of syrup made by infusing fennel, slippery elm, licorice, valerian, wild cherry bark, cinnamon, ginger and orange peel. Recipe comes from a herbal by my favorite wise woman Rosemary Gladstar. The Valerian smells like socks that had been worn for a month…pretty grim…..but it is a sedative and kinda melds with the other herbal so it’s not so bad. Also—sedative properties are great for when you are coughing at night.

  6. That concoction is still one of the best I know. My parents and grandparents always used a similar mix be it whiskey or brandy but the lemon and honey were constant. I used to like getting a cough or cold. BTW that recipe does not require you drink it all at once, it is just what we do. Besides honey and lemon juice are good for so many things.

  7. Hola Este blog podría no mejor mucho mejor
    ! Mirando post Me recuerda a mi compañero de cuarto anterior!
    Él siempre mantuvo hablando esto. voy adelante
    esta información para él. Bastante seguro él han una gran ver .
    Muchas gracias por !

  8. My grand parents used moon shine, rock candy, glycerin, lemon, honey, very small ammount of red pepper. They would shake the gar till the rock candy was dissolved, They w ould add moonshine to cover the ingredients.

  9. My aunt used to make a similar brew w/”Everclear”, if you can’t get ‘shine. Works like a charm.

    For folks who may want to avoid alcohol:

    A few years ago, I worked w/a native-Chinese woman whose Mom was a traditional herbalist. She gave me 2 “recipes” that work amazingly well, when I had cold/flu symptoms that were not life-threatening, but I was at the point that I almost wished they were fatal FAST 🙁 .

    Take 1 fresh pear, cut up the “meat” (not the core), about 1 inch of fresh ginger root, sliced, and about 1 cup of water. Boil about an hour, until pear is soft Add a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey. cook until dissolved. Strain and cool. A teaspoon of the “syrup” every couple hours is amazing for coughs.

    Make a cup of plain ol’ green tea (grocery store green teabags work) and add about a nickel-size slice of fresh ginger root. Let it steep about 5 minutes and drink. (delicious, too). When you have the flu, this stuff can just about raise you from the dead.

  10. My Mama use to make a pint or quart size jar of a homemade cough syrup recipe using Moonshine (White-Lighting) Rock Candy and Honey. She kept it in the refrigerator and gave us a shot anytime we needed it for coughing. I remember it being quite strong but effective and that is why I want to make some now for myself.

  11. I have had a horrible, very deep cough so bad that I was not only wheezing, but gurgling in my chest for 5 days. Last night I was debating on going to the ER when my friend brought me some moonshine and made this exact recipe (the one with one tbs. of honey). I took 2 doubleshot doses before bed and I woke up this morning cured! I’m amazed at how well it works.

  12. I’ve had bronchitis for almost 7 days now. Gonna try the moonshine honey recipe. I don’t have any lemons or lemon juice so…. gonna do without. Hope if has the same effect.

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