Jobs During A Collapse

I had this idea before falling asleep last night about Jobs During A Collapse. What will be your job during a societal collapse? What will you do. It depends on what kinds of collapse we are talking about of course. Theres a difference between you losing your job and a coronal mass ejection. If it’s a partial collapse like in Argentina then working as security would be good. If an EMP wipes out all electronics trying to get work as a network admin is not.

Having more skills gives you more options. Stockpiling books and learning during a collapse will not work. If you are not developing your trade now you’re wrong. Period.

I have some ideas on what Jobs During A Collapse are  most needed. What jobs will be worthless? What ideas are plain dumb? Let’s dig into Jobs During A Collapse.

Farming  Jobs During A Collapse


Defining The Collapse

Like I said before, a disaster can come in many forms. Personal disasters will be most probably. Loosing a job or having a home burn down is likely. Being a prepper during a personal disaster greatly helps. Having food stored and money saved can get you through. You will most likely be looking for a regular job though.

For Jobs During A Collapse  things change. So for this article let’s push the envelope. More like conflicted the game. Let’s assume the a true collapse has happened The government is either gone or pulled back leaving parts of the country to themselves. There is no electricity. No police, EMS or Fire Dept. You’re on your own now what do you do.


Jobs During A Collapse

So what Jobs During A Collapse will be the best? What jobs will be most needed? The same ones we have always needed of course. Jobs that market to our wants and needs. Yes even during a collapse people will still find ways to get their wants. Without government to interfere in the free market some old businesses will see a rise. Many newer jobs will cease to exist. I also see new ones being created. Hybrid jobs using technology and old world methods.


Farming will be the most important of the Jobs During A Collapse. It’s only now in our current world that farming has declined. I see many growing food on their own. You cannot grow everything though. Town will still exist and farmers have always existed. Farming has never been a profitable business. You can make a good living  at farming. You will not become rich as a farmer. As a bonus you will be able to grow most of your own food.

Security/ Mercenary

This is an old job. People have needed protecting for as long as there have been people. I don’t see roving bands of bikers out to pillage and plunder. There are always thieves though. Given the lack of law some will take advantage of this. If you have the skills you can earn a decent living protecting people. I think many of the mercenaries will work for room and board. There is a lot of value in having a roof over your head. For ex military this is a great option.



Tradesmen will have many jobs during a collapse. Tradesmen are the skilled workers of a craft. Something we have a lack of today. Everything from blacksmithing to timber framing. Without factories and chinese imports we will need to make things. Amateur blacksmiths will go full-time. Making and repairing things that factories no longer can. This happened during WWII in Britain. With all the manufacturing going towards the war effort. Previously out of work blacksmiths became very busy.


Tavern  Job's During A Collapse


People have been going for drinks for most of human history. During a collapse this will be no different. Without government interference opening one would be easy. Brewing beer and serving it in a tavern would be very profitable. Thought I no longer drink this would be a great business. It has low expenses to run and a high customer base. With food and rooms you have even more room for profit. Although one of the least needed Jobs During A Collapse it is one of the most wanted services.


Not Needed Job’s

There are so many jobs not needed during a collapse. I don’t see much need for government. If you have some obscure government job expect it gone. Fast food workers will be gone. You will not make a living wage now nor during a collapse. Movie actors gone but now theatre ones. Traveling shows could come back during a collapse. Big box retail is gone. Gad I got out.

Most tech jobs are gone. The exception being alternative energy. If you can build some off grid electricity devices you will be busy.


There are so many more jobs that will be needed. People will do more of the jobs themselves. No more hiring someone for everything. What skills do you have that will be useful? Let me know in the comments.


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6 thoughts to “Jobs During A Collapse”

  1. Medical assistance will be a need of the people. I would like to provide a safe place for people to get simple medical help in a clean environment. Warmth, food and comfort. We need to stockpile basic supplies for suturing, pulling rotten teeth, treating broken bones, delivering babies in a safe clean place. That is the services I want to give. A sort of Port in the Storm compound with lots of security. We can barter for labor, meat, water etc. Thank you, I love your podcasts!

  2. I am a seamstress with many years of experience. Even now, repairing clothing is my main source of business. I have even taught a few people to sew over the years. People will need new clothes and old ones fixed.

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