Winter Ready

Entertainment For A Disaster For You And Kids |episode 39

Winter Ready
entertainment for a Disaster


Join a tired James and a sick Mike today as we delve into entertainment for a disaster. No one wants to be bored during a disaster. Historically during the worst times, people have sought out entertainment more. During the great depression, movie attendance went up.

In addition to this podcast is a blog post I wrote on Bug Out Games and entertainment. Which covers bug in games and bug out games. 

One that I forgot to mention in the blog post was conflicted the card game. Which certainly belongs in your preps. 


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Jobs During A Collapse

I had this idea before falling asleep last night about Jobs During A Collapse. What will be your job during a societal collapse? What will you do. It depends on what kinds of collapse we are talking about of course. Theres a difference between you losing your job and a coronal mass ejection. If it’s a partial collapse like in Argentina then working as security would be good. If an EMP wipes out all electronics trying to get work as a network admin is not.

Having more skills gives you more options. Stockpiling books and learning during a collapse will not work. If you are not developing your trade now you’re wrong. Period.

I have some ideas on what Jobs During A Collapse are  most needed. What jobs will be worthless? What ideas are plain dumb? Let’s dig into Jobs During A Collapse.

Farming  Jobs During A Collapse

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