How To Make the Best Scrambled Eggs You’ll Ever Eat!

A while back a friend of mine posted a video on Facebook of chef Gordon Ramsey making scrambled eggs. I thought I had cooked eggs pretty much any way you could imagine. This way blew me away. I simplified it and made it fit my paleo model much closer. You could probably

go 100% Paleo and use coconut oil but I don’t think it would be nearly as good. Let me show you how I’ve modified it and how to make the best scrambled eggs you’ll ever eat!

What you’ll need for perfect eggs


Go gather the tools you will need to create the prefect eggs. You will need a sauce pot not a skillet for these eggs. You will need a whisk let the spatula sit this one out. To make the perfect eggs you will need eggs of course and some grass fed butter.

Eggs and butter


Turn the oven on medium heat. Crack your eggs into the pot and add the butter, about two tbsps, while the pot is off of the heat. Once you put it on the heat your going to need to start whisking. The trick is to never stop whisking. Also you don’t let the eggs get too hot, so you are taking the pot on and off the over while whisking. The eggs will start to slowly thicken. If it looks like the eggs are cooking too fast remove from heat and whisk faster. You do not want to get the traditional big lumps of scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs

These have an almost mashed potato like consistency. The eggs are creamy and rich. I am completely spoiled now and can never go back to the old eggs. To me this represents the pinnacle of scrambled egg deliciousness. If you are making eggs any other way YOU’RE WRONG! Start making them this way and never look back. The only exception I’ll allow is scrambling is bacon grease after frying some.

The ultimate scrambled eggs

Go try this right now and let me know in the comments how much you love this recipe!



2 thoughts to “How To Make the Best Scrambled Eggs You’ll Ever Eat!”

  1. I heard of this website from The Survival Podcast and figured I would have to check it out. Curse you! Now 5/6 people in my family LOVE eggs this way, and my arm is getting tired of holding the pot off the heat while whisking! No, but seriously, we eat free range GOOD eggs A LOT, and this made them so much better. Words can not explain how awesome they are. Please, try this. Make someone’s meal amazing. This is WORTH the effort.

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