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Episode 52 Dan Green Interview

Dan Green
Dan Green




This week Mike and I welcome on my mate from Scotland Dan Green from the Greening Out Podcast. I was on Dan’s show and while back and knew I had to have him on. Unfortunately his wife couldn’t make it. I brought Dan on to discuss Anarchy. Like usual we went rabbit chasing and got into some interesting subjects. Some of the topics covered were. There were many subjects that I feel like we could have chatted about for hours. We definitely need to get Dan and Caity on in the future.

  • Who is Dan Green
  • What Got You Into Anarchy/ Libertarianism
  • What did you think about the Scotland vote for independence
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Spirituality
  • Drugs legalization
  • How do you live the anarchy life
  • Making friends through podcasting.
  • Metal Music

Dan Green

Caity and Dan Greene, a married couple from Glasgow, Scotland started the Greening Out podcast in 2014 as an outlet for what some have called they’re “libertarian rambling”. But since they started it has grown to more than just said rambling. They look at a variety of different subjects from modern day pop culture to alternative spirituality through they’re libertarian lens. They also interview a wide range of people from all over the world on a range of different topics that interest them. They don’t always agree with our guests but They never censor them.


Greening Out is not always libertarian theory or political analysis but it is always fun and varied and They have not only appeared on other shows since we started but we also are now co-editors at AttackTheSystem.com and two of the rotating co-hosts on the Freedom Feens radio show.


Greening Out Podcast

Freedom Feens

Attack The System


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2 thoughts to “Episode 52 Dan Green Interview”

  1. you cant expect Canadians to apologies for Bieber. we attacked first with a Taylor Swift and they naturally had to retaliate with Justin Bieber. Also, youse cunts are my favorite podcast so listen to . LOL!!!

  2. Accents. I am glad that I am not the only one to amp up my accent to freak out other nationalities.
    Imagine a drunk, aggressive Steve Irwin.


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