Dan Green

Episode 52 Dan Green Interview

Dan Green
Dan Green




This week Mike and I welcome on my mate from Scotland Dan Green from the Greening Out Podcast. I was on Dan’s show and while back and knew I had to have him on. Unfortunately his wife couldn’t make it. I brought Dan on to discuss Anarchy.┬áLike usual we went rabbit chasing and got into some interesting subjects. Some of the topics covered were. There were many subjects that I feel like we could have chatted about for hours. We definitely need to get Dan and Caity on in the future.

  • Who is Dan Green
  • What Got You Into Anarchy/ Libertarianism
  • What did you think about the Scotland vote for independence
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Spirituality
  • Drugs legalization
  • How do you live the anarchy life
  • Making friends through podcasting.
  • Metal Music

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