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Episode 31 Jeff From The Lost Skills Podcast


Lost Skills Podcast
Lost Skills Podcast




This week we welcome on to the Podcast Jeff Radtke from the lost skills podcast. The Lost skills podcast  to helping to bring back the skills being lost today. Jeff is an avid outdoors man. He is active in the prepper community. Jeff lives the DIY life. The attitude of not being afraid of to try stuff is almost lost. Fear of breaking things rules the mainstream mindset. Jeff wants to bring back the spirit of fixing things yourself. Doing your own car maintenance. Hunting and growing food. If you want to do stuff yourself then this show if for you.


The Lost Skills Podcast


  • Why did you start the lost skills podcast.
  •  What are your goals with the lost skills podcast.
  •  What are some of the projects you have done.
  • The benefits of knowing how to maintain a vehicle after shtf.
  • With so may forums out there why did you start a forum?
  • What lost skill is most over looked by preppers.
  •  Best and worst projects you’ve done.
  •  Portable sawmills and rough hewn lumber. Give me all the details.
  •  Tip on deer hunting for a first timer?
  •  What started you on your journey to self sufficiency.
  •  Why did you start the lost skills podcast.
  •  What are your goals with the lost skills podcast.


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