DIY 2 Survive

DIY 2 Survive A How To Guide Of Great Prepper Projects


DIY 2 Survive
DIY 2 Survive

 DIY 2 Survive A How To Guide Of Great Prepper Projects

Welcome to DIY 2 Survive A How To Guide Of Great Prepper Projects. I’ve collected some of my best DIY Projects in one easy place. Over the years since I started Survivalpunk I have done many DIY projects. Most of my best projects are a few years old now and are buried in the blog archives. Many of you might not ever see them.

With DIY 2 Survive A How To Guide Of Great Prepper Projects  I did the work of gathering them in one place. In this e-book you get 36 prepper projects.

This e-book is organized into 5 basic categories. Fire, Food, Gear,  Cleaning and Tech. Each section has several projects to choose from. I have detailed instructions to follow along with. There are over 150 photos in this packed e-book.


You will learn how to make a coffee can hobo stove with pot holders. The perfect lightweight stove to take backpacking. You don’t have to worry about bringing fuel with a hobo stove.  Learn how to make fuel tabs for esbit type stoves.

In the food section I teach you how to make your own camping meals. No more wasting money on Mountain House meals. Making them yourself and they will be much healthier than the junk on the market. I show you how to make fresh breakfast sausage at home. Finding sausage without fillers and chemicals is expensive. You get those 2 plus 10 more great recipes.

In the Gear section I show you how to make a velcro backed battery holder. These are really great to stick on packs and gear. They also are work amazing to keep batteries tidy in you pack. Have a great small light edc light and want to go hands free with it? I teach you how to make any small flashlight into a headlamp.


In the cleaning section I teach you how to save money and get rid of toxic cleaners. I have two chapters on making your own laundry soap. You will learn how to use baking soda and vinegar to clean around the house.

Lastly is the tech section. There are only two projects in here but they are big ones. First learn how to make a tough, waterproof, encrypted thumb drive to store your documents on. I may have over built this as it looks bomb proof. Finally building a backup battery bank. This is by far the most expensive and most important project in this book. I would not fault you for skipping to the end to do this one first.

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    4 thoughts to “DIY 2 Survive A How To Guide Of Great Prepper Projects”

    1. Great book.

      Survival Coffee: You should really look into the Aeropress for making coffee. It is phenomenal, cheap and is Tim Ferriss approved. You will never have shitty coffee again.

      The key is not to boil the water, but to bring it to 85 degrees so you don’t scorch the beans. It is in Ferriss’s book 4-Hour Chef.

      Cider: Have you used a balloon before?

      1. 4 Hour Chef is a great book. I tried to get Tim on the podcast to promote it. His assistant didn’t think shut me down lol. I have friends that have used the Aeropress and love it. I’ve looked at them but have never got one. I’ve drank using the pour over method now for so many years. Maybe I can talk serenity into getting me one for christmas.

        I knew some guys that used the balloon method when making bad wine but I have almost always used an airlock. Before that I used some oxygen tubing fed into a jar of water. The first time I tried to make hooch I used mason jars…it was a disaster. Even with all my fuck ups I still made some good booze and cider.

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