Coleman Max Elate 14L

Today I’m going to review my Coleman Max Elate 14L. It features a 2 liter hydration bladder. Microban anti-microbial treated bite valve. Three zippered storage compartments. Side compression straps. Cool airflow shoulder strap design. It also has an adjustable sternum strap.


I got this pack a few years ago on clearance at Wal-Mart. I think I paid around $15 or so. My purpose for this was as a small light daypack for hiking. Also I’m a big fan of hydration bladders. I love my Wide mouth Nalgene bottles but drinking while moving always ends up making a mess. Usually I just throw in some trail snacks but have loaded it out with a full 10 piece kit before.

I love using it during the summer when I want to travel light on hikes. The cool airflow straps actually do manage to help keep you cool. The pack rides comfortable whether hiking or trail running. I chose hydration bladders when hiking to be able to keep my hands free. I’ve heard dislike of them for their fragile nature and I cannot agree with that statement at all. I have beat up and abused this pack and it is still in great shape. I really like the shock cord compression straps on it. They make a great spot to add extra gear like a poncho or a nalgene bottle.

If you’re looking for a cheap, lightweight daypack for hiking then give the Coleman Max Elate 14L a try. It’s a great deal for under $30. You might still be able to find one in some stores and there are a few online.

Now onto the Pros and Con’s


  • The pack is very lightweight.
  • It rides very comfortably.
  • Has enough storage for day hikes.
  • Stays nice and cool during hot summer months.


  • Sternum strap held on with plastic clips and come off too easily and go back on too hard.

I have been very pleased with this pack and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a small, light day pack. let me know in the comments what you use for day hikes.



4 thoughts to “Coleman Max Elate 14L”

  1. I just bought one for 20.00 at Wal-Mart–they couldn’t determine the price so we agreed on that. I am pretty sure it would be twice that now, as the 34 L was 50 and they don’t really get cheaper with smaller, e.g. I’ve seen the 8 liter go from 55.00 to 80.00.

    I like just about everything about it. It is the perfect size for a small survival kit and it is uncommon to get chest and waist straps with a pack that small.



  2. I must have purchased mine about the same time…it was cheap so i didnt expect much from it but i have hiked hundreds of miles with it…well worth twice the price(at the time)…i have to agree the only weak point would be the chest strap but instead of buying something else i am taking the time to repair it with 550 cord…im glad they knew to include a waist strap…if you’ve ever found yourself inverted, you know…plenty of room for some gear and pockets are well thought out…no problems with the bladder system or bite valve at all…no, i dont work for coleman…im an infantry soldier…lol

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