Fox Outfitters MicroSoft Towel

Why Should You Get The MicroSoft Towel For Your Pack

Fox Outfitters MicroSoft Towel
Fox Outfitters MicroSoft Towel

Camping Towels

Most camping towels suck. The Fox Outfitters MicroSoft Towel (Amazon Link) does not. Campers and especially ultralight campers are picky. We want all of  the functionality of a home item with 1/3 the weight. Which means that compromise has to be made somewhere. In this MicroSoft Towel review we will see how it compares to other towels on the market.

The compromise made by many camping towels is comfort. You get a lightweight absorbent towel that feels like sandpaper. The material used wants to stick to your skin. Even more so when wet. Unlike a cotton towel that glides across wet skin easily.

So Why don’t we just bring a normal cheap cotton towel? For a few reasons. A cotton towel that is thick enough will weigh too much to backpack in. Yes you could get a really cheap thin one. But don’t! I remember showering at a friends house once that had the thinnest towels ever. Like a giant ass rag. It filled with water and became useless with more than half my body left to dry off. That towel ended up just moving around the water. I had to use my  shirt to finish drying off.

Another reason to not get a cotton towel is drying time. It will take forever for a cotton towel to dry. If it does where you are. If you are in a very humid environment then your cotton towel will probably not get completely dry. Which means than you will have to keep it hanging in a sunny place with good air flow 24/7 just to combat the moisture. I would prefer to use it, hang it up a while then pack it back up.

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James and Mike A Day In THe Woods Autoimmune Diseases

A Day In The Woods

Today is a quick video for you guys. I did some testing of some new homesteading tools. Took a hike with Mike and his family on their property. I didn’t realize they had so much land. We  had a great day in the woods. Getting Mike out from in front of the tv and his kids away from the computer and game system. None of them get out enough. I’m determined to get Couch Potato Mike fit. Let me tell you a bit about what we did



James and Mike A Day In THe Woods
James and Mike

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Episode #15 The Legend Of Mick Dodge




Join James and Mike as they discuss topics such as hiking early morning and enjoying being in nature and having fun. Learn how to blend in with a article from Jeremy at How to Survive it. There’s  a new crypto currency called  Titcoin being rolled out by the porn industry. The main show topic of the day is about the NatGeo show Mick Dodge. They discuss what they like about the show and what they don’t like and what’s not true. The Survival gadget of the day is a fire piston. The guys went out to start a fire before recording an have some thoughts on why it’s should not be your main fire method. A reminder that the Tropical Traditions contest is still going on. Talk about an interesting article on 3 reasons people are obsessed with Crossfit with a twist you won’t see coming. The permaculture minute this week features Food preservation from the Paul Wheaton Permaculture Cards. The wild edible of the week is the persimmon.

Topics this Week

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Coleman Max Elate 14L

Today I’m going to review my Coleman Max Elate 14L. It features a 2 liter hydration bladder. Microban anti-microbial treated bite valve. Three zippered storage compartments. Side compression straps. Cool airflow shoulder strap design. It also has an adjustable sternum strap.


I got this pack a few years ago on clearance at Wal-Mart. I think I paid around $15 or so. My purpose for this was as a small light daypack for hiking. Also I’m a big fan of hydration bladders. I love my Wide mouth Nalgene bottles but drinking while moving always ends up making a mess. Usually I just throw in some trail snacks but have loaded it out with a full 10 piece kit before.

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Making Your Own Camping Meals

Making Your Own Camping Meals
Making Your Own Camping Meals

Making Your Own Camping Meals? Because isn’t it sure nice to sit down and eat a nice hot meal after a long hike and setting up camp. I know I enjoy it, but you know what I don’t like? The price for one. Mountain House meals easily fall into the seven dollar per package range. The price of some good meal’s at  restaurants. Which wouldn’t be too bad for a gourmet meal. But is not a gourmet meal, its slop. The food is full if terrible ingredients, fillers, gmo/ roundup sprayed, poor quality food and food that I would prefer not to eat.

I like to try my best to eating a Paleo diet. No grains, dairy or  legumes. Unfortunately those ingredients make up the basis for most freeze-dried camping foods. Along with ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

I would love to have the opportunity to buy an organic paleo freeze-dried meals for camping. Until Paleo Meals to Go there were no options for that. I’m going to go over some options that are available store-bought.I’ll show you  how to make your own high quality paleo  camping meals.  Learn how to start making your own camping  meals at home for much cheaper and eliminate the extra junk you don’t need.


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