Braaitime Biltong

Braaitime Biltong Review

A few years back I wrote a top ten list of Paleo foods to store. On that list I picked Biltong as one of the top items. Biltong if you’ve never heard of it is a dry pickled meat from south africa. In the article I stated that it beat out jerky for several reasons. Biltong unlike jerky is still very moist. It has a concentrated flavor that is not salty. When I wrote that post the only way to get biltong was to make it yourself. I tried to find a commercial biltong maker for you guys and could not. Recently I had a comment on the article from a company in the US that makes Biltong. I checked them out and sent them an email asking if they would be willing to send me a sample for review. Braaitime Cured meats and the wonderful Nicolle sent out samples and I have some thoughts to share.

Braaitime Cured Meats biltong
Braaitime Cured Meats

Braaitime Biltong

Now that I’ve found Braaitime cured meats I’m not sure how I missed them before. They have been bringing South African style gourmet cured meats to the US since 2005. They have a huge selection of biltong besides the traditional flavor. They have with fat and without. Dry and moist. They don’t stop at biltong though. They have so much more. They also sent Droëwors. Which are a dried south african sausage. Mike and I reviewed them on the podcast. I thought they were great. He loved them and devoured the whole bag.



Braaitime Biltong
Braaitime Biltong


I’ve made Biltong before and was expecting a long stick of meat. With Biltong you use thick slices of meat. This looks very similar to jerky. They slice the meat after the curing process. It makes it easier to eat. I don’t mind gnawing on a hank of biltong but some will.

Braaitime’s biltong is very moist. To the point of being almost juicy. The biltong melts in your mouth. The biltong with fat has some texture issues. Mike did not like it. I thought the fat was delicious. When I’ve made Biltong I made a traditional one. They have a flavor called peri peri. I have no idea what it is but it is spicy. The peri peri has a nice kick to it.

If you have never had Biltong Before I would suggest starting with the traditional without fat. Once you are hooked give the peri peri a try. If you like spicy food that it.

For taste and longevity nothing beats Biltong. It is the far superior jerky. Moist, tender and packed with flavor. I happy that I can endorse a company making Biltong finally. Pick up some Biltong and enjoy.

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2 thoughts to “Braaitime Biltong Review”

  1. Thank you for finding biltong! I bought some for my husband as a valentines gift and having it shipped to his location. Will let you know about his review!

  2. Being a huge fan of hot peppers I can tell you that the Peri Peri pepper (peri- peri, piri-piri or pili-pili) is the African Bird’s Eye pepper.
    Different types of hot peppers add not only varying ‘heat’ but also a variety of flavors to food. The flavor of the Peri Peri is one I like so I’m going to give Braaitime Biltong a try.

    Also… the link below gives some of the health benefits of hot peppers.

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