Braaitime Biltong

Braaitime Biltong Review

A few years back I wrote a top ten list of Paleo foods to store. On that list I picked Biltong as one of the top items. Biltong if you’ve never heard of it is a dry pickled meat from south africa. In the article I stated that it beat out jerky for several reasons. Biltong unlike jerky is still very moist. It has a concentrated flavor that is not salty. When I wrote that post the only way to get biltong was to make it yourself. I tried to find a commercial biltong maker for you guys and could not. Recently I had a comment on the article from a company in the US that makes Biltong. I checked them out and sent them an email asking if they would be willing to send me a sample for review. Braaitime Cured meats and the wonderful Nicolle sent out samples and I have some thoughts to share.

Braaitime Cured Meats biltong
Braaitime Cured Meats

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