Baby Food As a Prep

I have a habit of whenever I’m in a store trying to see what items could serve multiple purposes. What items could be used for survival/ preparedness functions that most would never think to use. I found one such item that I want to share with you today. I’m going to show you why you should add Baby Food to your preps even if you don’t have children.


A few weeks ago I walked by some baby food and noticed that there a lot of sweet potato flavor baby food. I love sweet potatoes and wold like to have some canned for preps. The only problem is every can of sweet potatoes or yams I’ve ever seen is packed with syrup. I try to avoid corn syrup like the plague. Even at Whole Foods I can’t find canned sweet potatoes without syrup. So I gave up on finding them plain. I resolved to have to go with freeze dried and home dehydrated versions.


The brand that I decided to go with is Gerber Nature Select. It comes with two 3.5 oz packages. It has only three ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, Water and Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) . I can completely agree with eating those ingredients. They only have a shelf life of about a year or so. That would limit it to short term storage but if you’re using a rotating them it should be fine. The price on them was .97 cents. I find that to be comparable to most canned goods now.

I bought one package of them to try them out. Because the important factor here is taste. If they taste horrible there really no point in storing them. I can think of a million ways to incorporate these into cooking dishes. One was a Sweet potato chicken curry. I’ll try that and post the results later. First though I wanted to determine if they were edible from the package without adding anything. I was pretty nervous taking my first bite. I was pretty impressed with how good they were. They just tasted like runny sweet potatoes.

I think that I will used them more for cooking with over a stand alone dish. Sweet potatoes have a grow pretty easily here in the south and with dehydrating I should have all my bases covered. I’ll post some of my Baby Food sweet potato dishes on my Facebook page so make sure to follow me there.



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