Gear hack: EDC Pepper Spray + Multitool

Today I have my buddy James from show an awesome EDC hack for your leatherman.


Whether you carry a gun everyday or not, it’s a good idea to also carry a less lethal method of protection on your person as well. As an example you may be in a situation where you are being assaulted by an unarmed person where using a gun or knife to defend yourself may be considered excessive force – in a situation like this pepper spray may be a good option if it is legal in your area.

There are several good options out there, personally I prefer the ASP Palm Defender OC Pepper Spray. There are plenty of videos covering that particular model such as:


Paul Gomez EDC

Live Testing of the ASP Key Defender OC Unit


What I wanted to add to the conversation was a way to carry that has worked well for me. Part of my EDC has also been the Leatherman Charge (multitool), which comes with a leather/nylon sheath. The less expensive Leatherman Wave on Amazon includes this same sheath as well.


The sheath includes a pocket on the side meant to hold a bit driver extension:



I didn’t need to carry by bit driver extension with me everyday so I left the pocket empty, but when I got the ASP Key Defender I noticed that it fit the pocket perfectly.





I chose to leave the keyring attached, it makes it quick and easy to deploy from the holster. I’ve never had anyone give it a second glance, most people assume it’s a cell phone strapped to my belt, from the front view especially. The one caveat though is that after using it for a while it will no longer hold your bit extension since the elastic does stretch to accommodate the larger diameter of the OC.




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