YouTube Roundup

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately and found a few great new channels to watch. You can definitely see a theme in the channels in this list. I’ve been watching a lot on off grid home and building. You might even say I’m obsessed with it. Let’s get into the list so you can start enjoying them.

Masa Off Grid

I found this while looking for off grid hot water heaters. The video I watched was so good I decided to subscribe and then got hooked on it. The channel follows a Canadian writer that moves to a small off grid island and build a cabin. He journals his experiences on the island of building and living in his cabin. I’ve got about half way through and have enjoyed it so far.I like seeing all the setbacks and failures.

My Little Homestead

I found this channel from my friend Dave from The Shepherd School. This is the story of a family that moves from the city to what looks like a desert and build an earth bag home. They focus on a lot of off grid DIY projects. The videos are short and entertaining with some great ideas in

Kevin Coy Millionaire 1963

I’ve talked about this channel before and will mention it again here. The host Kevin Coy has lots of videos on homesteading projects. What drew me to the channel and why I’m bringing it up again is that he has the best series of videos I’ve seen on how to build a tiny home. He has step by step videos that go into a lot of detail on building your own home. Highly recommended if you plan to build a tiny home.

Hyper Report

I got this channel from a Facebook recommendation, I was looking for a condensed news source and this was the best one I found. It is very prepper-centric too which I also like.

Our Off Grid Solar Cabin

This is one of the other channels I found while searching for off grid showers/ hot water heaters. After a few more searches and this channel kept coming up I decided to sub and have been pleased. They have a nice setup with their cabin and I have got some good ideas.

Farmhands Companion

I just found this channel and watched all the episodes as fast as I could. This shows a man how sold his farm in Tennessee, why anyone would do that I have no idea, and moved to Arkansas to build a new one. He is starting by building a pole barn using trees from the land. The videos are super entertaining and informative. My only disappointment is that videos don’t come out fast enough. I want more of these videos.
I hope you find something you like in this list, I know I have found a lot of good info in this channels. I personally would rather watch YouTube than the mindless crap on TV.
Do you have any new YouTube finds to share? Like any of these channels already? Let me know in the comments!
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11 thoughts to “YouTube Roundup”

  1. Thanks for this article, I learned two new channels to watch (Masa Off Grid and Kevin Coy Millionaire 1963) I was aware of the others… Once again I learn something new from you, The mylittlehomestead folks are worth watching

  2. These are great… thanks I am always looking for new youtube channels to follow… I have a series of videos on building my own off grid cabin, , shed, pole barn and a small guest cabin. This year I have not done nearly as many updates as many of the projects now fall into the “chores” category but I am working on some for the future…

  3. Good finds, man. I have added them to my growing list of YouTube subscriptions. You may be interested in checking out PatriotNurse, Engineer775, SouthernPrepper1, NativeSurvival, minimalistsurvival, EatTheWeeds, BushcraftOnFire, and SensiblePrepper just to name a few. I have a ton of others I subscribe to. Some of the information is redundant (ok, more than a little), but it never hurts to see/hear things presented from different perspectives.

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