Whole 30 Challenge

Starting August first I’m going to take the whole 30 challenge. In the words of the Whole 9 team:

Whole9’s original program designed to change your life in 30 days. Think of it as a short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food. Since 2009, thousands of people have used our program as a jump-start to changing the way they eat for the rest of their lives. To get started on your Whole30 program, check out our new Whole30® Daily service, the program details, and real-life testimonials below.


Basically my diet had become a bit off target. This should be a fun way to get back on. Let me tell you the details and invite you to join me on this challenge.


I’m a huge fan of the paleo diet and have been for about a year. On the diet I feel great. Tons of energy, I can hike, run life  weights and generally play hard. After time though bad habits tend to slip in. I’m a big fan of a good beer and like to have a few drinks once a week. I also have a love affair with tacos. I could eat tacos every day and be happy. Basically crap tends to creep into the diet and the more crap that drifts in to more you tend to want crap.

I had given up sodas, for a few months, diet Mountain Dew being my choice. But they crept back in. It started with one 8 oz can a day from there I was drinking 4 or five 20 oz’s a day. They other day I did some mental math. If I drink 5 sodas a day, at work, for $1.50 it comes out to around $225 a month! I figured where my money was going.

I tend to work towards fixing a problem once i realize there is one. sodas are already eliminated. Coffee and water are my drinks and nothing else. Possibly some Yerba Mata I have left lol.

So here is the outline as defined on the whole 9 website:basic premise of what you can and can not eat.

What you can eat

  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Veggies
  • Some Fruit
  • Good Fats from Fruits, Nuts, Oils and seeds. 

What you want is to eat foods with little to no ingredients and they better be pronounceable ones at that.

What you can not eat

  • No sugar or sweetener of any kind.
  • No Alcohol or tobacco (firearms are fine)
  • Eat no grains.
  • Do not eat legumes
  • No dairy
  • Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites

These are the basic rules you can read more at here.

On this 30 day challenge there are no cheat days. No little slips. You follow the rules to the letter! I will and will post meals and taco cravings on the Survivalpunk facebook page. I invite all of you to join me on this challenge. Are you going to take the challenge? Have you ever completed a whole 30 before? Let me know in the comments.




4 thoughts to “Whole 30 Challenge”

  1. I’d like to turn you and your readers on to Red Rooibos as a beverage substitute in lean or SHTF times. I discovered the health benefits to drinking Rooibos earlier this year. Red Rooibos (pronounced Red Roy-Boss) is from the So. African Red Bush. This is what So. African Natives drink to rehydrate and nourish them in the hot African Savannah’s. It’s a tea made from the roots of the African Red Bush. The taste is fantastic and it seems to be one of only a few things that hydrate me in summer heat even better than lemonaid. You can drink this tea plain, hot or Iced.
    I found a source to buy bulk rooibos from So. Africa. (You can buy a whole pound of Rooibos for under $7 at http://www.herbalcom.com. But I prefer to blend mine for flavor and nutrition. I blend in a common bowl and then place in a jar with a tight lid to be used as needed or desired.
    4 parts rooibos
    1 part Lemon Grass
    1 part Ginger Root, (I like to use Crystalized or Candied Ginger)
    Just brew it as a tea, or place enough in a mason jar and let steep in the warm sun for a few hours (Sun Tea)
    It’s naturally sweet but you can add Honey or sweetener to it if you like.
    During the hot dog days of summer I ‘m finding this to be tremendously satisfying, Healthy to drink and if you buy it in bulk it is very inexpensive and I’ll never go back to drinking soda’s. I like the Rooibos that much to give up my daily Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

  2. My wife and I have been doing something related for a couple months now. She’s lost 20+ lbs. I’m down almost 10.

    She read the book “Eat to Live” and started out quasi-vegan, but now eating more animal protein.

    The only carbs I’m regularly eating are fresh fruits and home brewed beer – some times quinoa or brown rice in moderation.

    The difficult part is eating the massive quantity of vegetables, but we both feel incredibly better having given up processed foods and white flour.

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