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When Law’s Go Right

I think we all know I’m not a big fan of the Government or the endless amount of laws they spew forth. If it was up to be there would be only one law, Don’t be a dick. I’m not the head honcho though so we have to deal with ever more laws stealing away our personal liberties. Also it is damn near impossible to ever remove a law so to counter one there needs to be another one that negates the previous one…what a great system. Every once in a while though a decent law passes that help’s restore some missing liberty. Today I’m going to share one that does go right and one I’m not sure about.

Bill Haslam
Bill Haslam


I heard about this at work a while back. Our Governor here in Tennessee Bill Haslam signed a bill the would allow handgun carry permit owners to store their guns in their cars no matter where they are parked. Now as far as I’m concerned there should be no need for this bill. I fail to see how the 2nd amendments “Shall Not Be Infringed” is somehow misinterpreted. When I first heard about this law I asked the loss prevention guy at work what it would mean for workers there. At the time he stated that company policy, which does not allow for weapons stored in vehicles while at work, would overrule the bill. Gladly he turned out to be wrong with a statement from my company saying that the corporate policy will be revised to reflect the new law. So when the bill goes into effect on July 1st I and every other TN CCW holder would be able to keep a weapon in the car while at work and anywhere else. While personally I believe that the best place for my glock in on me I like this bill for a few other reasons. First I don’t really plan on keeping my glock in my car while at work. I don’t want to risk it being stolen. However there was one time when I was working on overnights that I had a range trip planned the next morning and it was way out of the way to go home first. The obvious choice would have been to take my gun and gear with me to work and leave it in the car so I could head straight there. Even though I doubt it would have been noticed that one night I’m paranoid and prefer to follow policies that could result in me getting fired. Instead I had to drive way out of the way and meet a friend and have him hold the gun for me. Another place I see the bill shining is when carrying and coming across places that don’t allow it. The state parks here don’t allow firearms, not even in the parking lot. Now I would just need to remove it and store in my car since this bill take precedence over park regulations.


Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson

Ammo Act

I’ve already stated the I don’t believe, nor is there evidence, that the government is stockpiling ammo. The rumor that Obama is backdoor controlling guns by having the government buy up all the ammo is complete bullshit. Introducing a bill basses on conspiracy is also stupid. With that said I can get behind any law that limits the amount of ammunition that the government can buy. If they buy less based on this bill then great and if it helps this ammo shortage, hell even better. However I feel conflicted about using a bill to interfere in the free market. They demand for ammo is so great right now the ammo factories should be running round the clock, opining more factories and making all the money they can and if they can’t keep up a better company needs to step up. So while I don’t want the government messing with the market I also want my ammo again.

What are your thoughts about the two bills talked about today? Thoughts on government getting involved in the free market? Let me know in the comments!



9 thoughts to “When Law’s Go Right”

  1. Congratulations on TN passing a worthwhile bill. KS already had that exemption in their laws. We also recently passed a bill that in public buildings if they do not have the security in place to search everyone coming in the door then you are allowed to carry. This does not exempt private buildings from banning CCW and my company policy prohibits weapons of any sort, so I won’t be allowed to carry at work, which really annoys me.

    I honestly don’t know how I feel about limiting ammo purchase. As long as it regulates the state government it is just a policy they need to maintain. Hopefully they aren’t trying to set a precedent for the slippery slope to individual purchases.

  2. To play devil’s advocate…I think you are only viewing this law from one side.
    Isn’t this the government restricting private property owners from controlling what happens on their property??? Doesn’t that mean that this law REMOVES freedom???

  3. I disagree. They are allowing private property holders to control what happens on their own property. Since the vehicle is presumably owned by the driver, then a restriction of what they possess is a restriction of the vehicle owners rights. The law did not state you can wander around the property and parking lot at will, only that you can possess in your own private property.

  4. The Private property is the land not the vehicle. Once you bring your car on to my property (in this case my place of business), the government is saying that I do not get to control what is allowed on my property. I do NOT get to decide. That is clearly removing my freedom.

  5. I think that the unavailability of ammo is 90+% due to the aftermath of Sandy Hook. You had people buying their first firearm after Sandy Hook and of course they bought ammo, too. Then you had people with firearms saying to themselves, “I’d better stock up – Obama’s going to make evil assault weapons / high capacity magazines / ammo illegal!!!” The more this went on, the more people got sucked into it. Eventually Billy Bob is paying $100 for a brick of .22 LR and happy to do so.

    Personally, I’m observing National Don’t Buy Any Ammo Month ( ) in hopes that market forces will start to bring some sanity back to ammunition prices.

  6. I personally don’t see the point of keeping a gun in the car at work. Most people lock their auto, so what do you do when the creep follows you out to your car late at night to rape or rob you? Ask him politely to wait a moment while you unlock your car, locate your gun? Those guys usually are pretty quick. Chances are slim that you will beat him to your car long enough to unlock it, find your gun and be ready to defend yourself.
    Going by the personalities of some people I work with, chances are even better that the person would get pissed off, go out to their car and return with their gun. Or what about some customers? Many of them have anger issues. The is a reason why the drivers license place put fake names on the employees.
    I feel safe now though. If the zombie apocalypse occurs, people I work with will be able to reach their cars because we all know how slow zombies are. My fellow employees will arm themselves and we will survive.

  7. PC 16: Allows carry permit holders to store firearms in cars and gives the business immunity for actions that occur as a result of this action. HOWEVER, private property owners can still prohibit guns.
    Also SB570/HB6: Allows a school employee to possess a firearm on school property under certain circumstances.

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