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Recently I was contacted by the JM Bullion company To see if I was interested in letting them be a paid sponsor on the blog. I am pretty picky about who I work with on the blog. There are a lot of shady prepper business on the web. I had no qualms with JM Bullion. I have seen them around the web and found out more when they became a sponsor on The Survival podcast. Looking around at the prices I see that they are very competitive if not lower on all their items. Lets learn a bit more about them.

JM Bullion Banner
JM Bullion Banner



So what is JM Bullion for those that have never heard of them. JM Bullion is an online supplier of gold and silver bullion. They have a huge selection of gold and solver coins, bars, and associated items like coin tubes. JM Bullion has physical locations in Chicago, IL and Lancaster, PA. JM  Bullion has a strong commitment to customer service and works to ensure that if anything goes wrong they. I tried to look up any complaints on the company and found only one. One that seemed fake, with a crazy customer that had their product the whole time.

Silver Eagles
Silver Eagles


They offer a full catalog of silver and gold items. The catalog is simple and consistent so they can  always maintain a sufficient inventory. Looking around their product page they carry reputable silver currency, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs as well as 90% and 40% silver coins. They, from what I can see, do not offer any of the many generic silver rounds on the market. Silver rounds come and go fairly fast with short minting periods and usually have a big premium over the spot price. I have some generic rounds for diversity and for looks, some are beautiful designs, however most of my silver is in American Eagles and silver dimes. I like that silver coinage and eagles are so recognizable.


Why Precious Metals

I feel that precious metals, especially silver, need to be a part of your savings/ investments. I agree with JM’s philosophy that metals should be held physically over in paper form. Silver has been the best investment I’ve made. When I started buying Silver Eagles I was getting them at $12 a piece, I’ve seen them go as high as $50 for a short time and now settle in the $25 range again. I’ve doubled my investment during that time. At the time I began investing in silver the market was in the toilette and still has not recovered to be a better investment. For pure investment it’s a great idea not even counting it’s purpose as an inflationary hedge or for barter during a collapse.

With all that said I happily welcome JM Bullion on board. I encourage all of you to stop by and check out their prices and selection. If you are not yet investing in precious metals you need to begin now and start investing for your future.

Where do you get your silver from? Do you buy online or in person? Have any tricks for finding silver? Let me know in the comments!


Looking for the best prices and best customer service in buying Silver and Gold online? Look no further than JM Bullion for all your precious metal needs!

JM Bullion Banner
JM Bullion Banner


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