Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili

Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili

Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili
Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili
I was sent a packet of Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili to review. They are a new kid on the block and coming out swinging. LIke me the folks at Valley Food Storage are concerned about what they put in their bodies. Finding long term food storage options that live up to our expectations is hard. Do you want to survive a disaster and have to deal with health issues from the horrible ingredients found in the competitors?
I don’t want to eat that garbage even in a disaster. With Valley food storage you can eat better. Let’s find out how much better!

Valley Food Storage

Is your food storage good enough for your loved ones? Are you ok with feeding them toxic gick? Im not willing to myself. I don’t want food loaded with GMO’s, trans fats and preservatives. I want better quality food for now as well as later.

Valley Food Storage was established on the simple fact that there wasn’t a single food supply store that emphasized quality ingredients.

The ingredients, if you want to call them that, in the big name long term storage meals is disgusting. Filled with things I can’t pronounce. GMO everything.  Yes it might be cheaper. Now. Not if the toxic mixture gives you cancer.

White Bean and Lime Chili

Although the White Bean and Lime Chili comes in a packet similar to most backpacking meals the directions are a little different. Most call for boiling 2 cups of water and adding to the pouch to sit. With the Valley Storage one it calls to add the mixture to a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes then to let  sit another 5.

Like usual I did not follow the directions. I prepared as normal. When bugging out you may now have the ability to cook that long. I simply brought it to a boil and sealed in the bag. I let it sit sealed for about 15~30 minutes.

When we tried it it was still watery and not all the beans were tender. The bold flavor though made up for it. The lime and cilantro stood out most to me. It was a very mild spice suitable for children. A dash of your favorite hot sauce could kick it up a notch. I would go with my trusty Louisiana Hot sauce.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on taking Valley Food Storage White Bean and Lime Chili on a camping trip or a bug out be sure to bring cookware. You will also need a cook stove with a good amount of fuel. A hobo stove would be ideal. Alcohol stoves don’t usually burn long enough to be able to cook these. As a bug in item I think they really shine. With a proper cooking set up to make them.

If you want better quality food storage check out Valley Food Storage.

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