Trek light Double Hammock

Trek Light Double Hammock Review

Trek light Double Hammock
Trek light Double Hammock


I like to use gear extensively before I review it. I don’t want to recommend something to you guys without first beating it. It if makes it through my torture tests then It gets the survivalpunk stamp of approval. I bought my trek light double hammock a few years ago. For a while it didn’t get much use. I knew I needed to review it. For the past few months I have used it daily. Right now I’m using it like a couch. Also a bed and a chair. At this point I have used it more than the regular user ever will. I know the trek light hammock inside and out. What do I think of it after all this time? Let’s find out.

Trek light Double Hammock
Trek light Double Hammock

Trek Light Double Hammock


  • 6.5 feet wide
  • 10 feet long
  • Weighs 20 oz
  • Holds Up to 400 pounds
  • Water Resistant and Quick drying

Though you can hold 2 people in a Trek light double hamock it’s great for one person. The best comfort you will get in a hammock is from laying at an angle. At over six feet wide I could lay straight across it. Most people think you lay straights. They think it would be uncomfortable being bent in half. They have never been in a hammock though.

I recently had my friend Smitty lay in my Trek Light Double Hammock. He had the same idea. He didn’t see how it could be comfortable. Till he tried it. He got it. All it takes is getting into one and you are hooked.

Set Up

I got the Trek Light easy hang ropes and carabiners when I ordered mine. With those set up is so fast and easy. I am not a knot guy. Yes I know I should learn and practice more. Just not what excites me. I hate hanging my Hennesseey Hammock for just that reason. That’s why I prefer to use the Trek Light Double Hammock. Just hang the ropes on a tree.

The rope has knots made down the rope. Just clip in the carabiner and you’re done. Adjustment is easy to get the hammock hanging at the right level. If you can’t find a knot in the place you want just make a new one. No fancy knots just a quick one and done.

Keeping Warm

Many use hammocks as a three season set up. I’ve seen videos for being comfortable into the -19 range. I myself have slept in my Trek Light Double hammock in the thirties. Last night for example was the low 40’s and I was sweating. It takes the proper gear.

Laying on a sleeping bag compresses it. In a hammock the parts of you that touch the bottom will get cold. Same as sleeping in a tent with ground contact. With a hammock you can either go with a closed cell foam mat or an underquilt An underquilt creates an air pocket beneath you. I have one I made from an Army poncho liner. They make underquilts from down that are warmer. The poncho liner stops being warm in the 50’s.

Last night I used both a ridgerest and the underquilt. With that you only need to cover your tops side. Just like in a bed. I unzip my sleeping bags and just put my feet in the bottom. Drape the bags over yourself like a blanket. This keeps the bags from being compressed touching the hammock.

Final Thoughts

After all this use the hammock is in great shape. I have a few loose strands I need to hit with a lighter. Which may have been caused by Bjorn the cat. All the stitching is perfect. I expected to have holes to be patched by now. I actually have nothing negative to say about the Trek Light Hammock. Also I did not get a freebie for review. I bought it myself. I will be trying to get a discount for the Survival Punk Army for you guys too. If you want one drop them a line and say so.




5 thoughts to “Trek Light Double Hammock Review”

  1. I have been considering getting one of these. A discount would be a bonus!

    I have a couple of their bindle packs and gave one a workout on a recent wilderness camping trip as a day bag and found it to be very durable. At first I was cautious feeling, due to it lightness, that it might be fragile but I soon lost that concern. It is very strong. I carried the second one inside as a backup if extra carrying room was required during the day hike. They are very light and store in a tiny built in pouch. I would definitely recommend the bindle packs that Trek Light offers as well.

  2. I also have the trek light gear double hammock with the rope and carabiners. Love it. I am a very big dude at 380 lbs. Hammock is strong, no problems. I need an under quilt for cold hanging though. Never sleep on the hard ground again.

  3. I have one very similar to this one, it has a mosquito netting over the to. However, I have found that unless I line the inside with some thing thick enough, the mosquitos will bite right through the bottom. Using something that thick is not very comfortable it the hot and humid weather of South Texas. I wonder if anyone makes one that is breathable but bite proof.

  4. Tex, one alternative to the bites from underneath is to spray the hammock with Permethrin. I’ve got netting to make a bug sock for my hammock to give me full coverage… just haven’t done it yet.

    Nice review, James!

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