Tiny House Update 12/4

Tiny House Update 12/4


Tiny House Update 12/4
Tiny House Update 12/4


Today I have another update for the tiny house build. I shot some new video after the ceiling was up. There is a bit more done after the video. Finally all the ceiling boards are up. In the video there is still a gap in the ceiling. We had to cut boards to fit where the boards met. Above the loft we removed the support brackets to give more head space. The rest of the ceiling has a flat area in the center. As of right now where they meet is a hollow triangle that needs to be covered.


Tiny House Update

Except for trim and the flooring the living room is done. I’m going to add a second coat of tung oil to the walls to give more of a sheen. On the floor Dave and I are going to try to paper bag floor. Originally I wanted a tatami mat floor. Which would cost more than a grand to cover the whole floor. I may get one tatami mat for in front of my standing desk. The paper bag floor will cost a fraction of that. Probably under $100 for the floor and it looks great.

After much debate on color and method I’ve decided on the ceiling color. I went through poly, stain, bright glossy red paint and white paint. Because the way the plywood fits there are some gaps that need to be filled in with wood putty. It is stainable but would not look great with just a clear polyurethane. Red is my favorite color. I thought a red ceiling would be amazing. White will help to open up the space though. I will have some red in the tiny house but not on the ceiling.

As soon as I publish this I’m heading out to apply the wood putty and sand the ceiling so I can get it painted. Possible late this evening. Trim will need to go up but that will be last before I move in.

Tiny House Ladder
Tiny House Ladder

Yesterday I built and stained the loft ladder. I used 2×4’s set 12 inches apart. The ladder has a 20 degree angle. Behind the ladder is a shower bar that the ladder hooks onto. This keeps it from sliding out while climbing. I used heavy duty garment hooks on the ladder. I tested it going up and coming down. With the angle you can easily come down facing away from the loft like stairs.


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