teach a liberal to shoot

Teach A Liberal To Shoot: Protect The 2nd Amendment

I thought about a quote yesterday. I was going to put it on the Survivalpunk Facebook page. I still might. I thought was profound enough to make a blog post on it though. What’s the best way to protect your 2nd amendment rights? Teach a liberal to shoot. Instill the joy of shooting.

Some of you might be yelling at the computer screen. Some think I have lost it. Think what I’m saying is crazy? Think it’s impossible? Are you saying you can’t make a liberal love shooting? You are wrong. I have seen countless examples. I have done my part in helping spread the art of shooting. I have come to love shooting. I’m no liberal by any means. Now anyway. Why is it the most important way to protect the second amendment? How can you teach a liberal to shoot? Let me help.

teach a liberal to shoot
teach a liberal to shoot


Teach A Liberal To Shoot

I know how crazy that sounds. Liberal and anti gun go hand in hand. You can’t possible get them to pick up a ghost gun. No chance of them going anywhere near an assault rifle. Right? Wrong. I’ve seen so many liberals take up shooting. Making the switch from anti gun to shooting enthusiast is not as hard as some would have you believe.

It is not always easy. Nothing worth doing is. It is important though. Gun rights can not be protected by a small group of like-minded folks. It can only be protected by a diverse group. If you can’t beat them make them join you. Instead of gun grabbers make them gun protectors. You may still hate their politics. That’s fine. You don’t have to agree with people on everything.

Why Are They Anti Gun?


To teach a liberal to shoot you must find out why they are anti gun. You will usually get something along the lines of “They Kill people” “They Scare me” “They are dangerous” etc. You will want to reply with facts on guns. Start saying your party lines. “Gun don’t kill people, people do” “According to the FBI hammers kill more people” and so on and so on. Yes these are all true. You will not convince them to come to your side though.

You will start an argument. They will think you another crazy gun-toting lunatic and go on hating guns and wanting your rights removed.

If you get down to the core though they are afraid. They do not understand guns. Many have never touched one. Did not grow up around them. They are scary and mysterious. It is human nature th fear the unknown. It is a survival mechanism that keeps us alive. The only thing to cure it is knowledge.

To teach a liberal to shoot you must remove the mystery around guns. You must make them curious to learn. You must put shooting into liberal terms. Things they do understand. Shooting is both and art and a science. Shooting is easy. Shooting well takes skills and practice.

Talk about how much fun you have shooting. How it makes you feel to hit the target. How many times you have safely shot. Do not tell them any facts they don’t ask about. Get them to ask questions. Have you ever shot? No? Tell them about the first time you shot. Include how it made you feel. Yes men I know we don’t have feelings.

The first time I shot was terrifying. I was in my 20’s. Never shot a gun before. In my teen years I was anti gun. I bought into the lies. If there were no gun there would be no killing. That’s a slippery slope though. Do you next ban knives, hammers and rocks? Where does it end? I survived my shooting experience. Had so much fun. It was a new addiction.

I thought I would be a natural. Pick up a gun for the first time and shoot the wings off a fly at a 100 yards. Not even close. I could not hit the broadside of a barn. That made me want to learn even more. Had I had a teacher in the beginning it would have helped so much.

A few day’s ago at my buddy’s pawn shop I saw a great moment. A girl he’s friends with came in and bought her first gun. A glock 26 in case you want to know. A liberal recent college grad. Excited about buying her first handgun. That my friends is how you protect the second amendment. Not by fighting. By teaching a liberal to shoot.

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3 thoughts to “Teach A Liberal To Shoot: Protect The 2nd Amendment”

  1. I’m an avid gun shooter. Although not the best expert in the field, I can help lots of non-shooters get better at the range. Working in a hospital gives me alot of nurses who have never shot, and some who have tried to work with their husbands, but just get yelled at so quit. I always seem to default to a 38 revolver or 9mm pistol. 45’s and Judges seem to scare them more, but some have graduated to even a .40cal. Amazing what you can teach and learn if you keep the stress down and teach proper drills. Parents need to teach their Sons and DAUGHTERS the proper use of firearms and understand when it’s okay to use one. If the parents don’t, some other professed child will teach them the wrong way!

  2. I’m always encouraging people to get and experience what shooting a firearm is like. I tell people all the time that I will take them to the range, provide everything they and all they have to do is show up. As a law enforcement firearms instructor, I had the opportunity to teach many different types of people. It was fun will then really got into it. Just the other day I was in the dentist chair talking with my dentist before started the dental work. We talked about shooting, my concealed carry weapon and his lack of knowledge of firearms. I told him anytime he wanted to go to the range and shoot just give me a call. He seemed thrilled about that. Another person on the pro-gun side.
    Thanks for another good article James.

  3. The best advice I can give to someone who will teach firearm shooting to a non-shooter is….Do not start with a firearm. And when you do start them off with a firearm, make it low calibers and bench rest shooting. Build confidence and reduce fears.

    Non firearms to include BB and pellet weapons. Play with paper targets and cans, etc. Get them used to failure to hit the bullseye or can with a BB gun. Let them know there is more to shooting than noise! Tell them Olympic shooters do not always shoot animals or carry a weapon for self defense, yet they compete and win!

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