Episode #27 Apocalyptic Fiction and Their Lessons

World War Z Apocalyptic Fiction
World War Z



Apocalyptic Fiction

Mike gets interviews on Prepper Recon. James gets injured at crossfit. Meeting Mountain From the Primal Professional. The guys talk about Congress moving to end the prohibition of raw milk. What Steps do preppers overlook? The main topic of the day is on Apocalyptic fiction and lessons learned from them. Punk Gadget of the week is the Buck Hoodlum. Nutrition Punk of the day is Gluten free is a lifestyle not a product. The permaculture minute is Fungi. The wild edible of the week is sassafras.


Even though I am a self proclaimed anarchist I give props where there are deserved. This week I get to congratulate the gov on finally trying to remove raw milk Prohibition. It’s a ignorant law that doesn’t need to be there. I understand and accept any risk in the foods I eat.

This week James and Mike discuss some of their favorite apocalyptic movies. Not surprisingly zombies eat up the majority of the list. We talk about what is good about the movies. What’s bad in them. We also cover what lessons if any are to be had in them. Apocalyptic fiction is what lured me down the rabbit hole of survival. I like the way your mind goes to what would you do in those situations. How would you handle the threats. Some movies in the apocalyptic fiction world teach better than others. In the end James and Mike wholeheartedly disagree on the last movie. I hate the movie as an abomination. Mike thinks it’s a great movie. Who’s right?



Links For The Day

Congress Moves To End Raw Milk Prohibition

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Raw milk

Thoughts On Raw Milk

I have been interested in trying raw milk for a while now. Even more so after a documentary I watched about it. I wish that it could have been an easy thing to try. Just head to the store buy a gallon and drink. Unfortunately oppressive laws here in the U.S make that very hard in most areas and impossible in others. The freshest best for you milk is very illegal and selling it could land you in prison with felony charges. Fortunately for me though my state is not completely stupid and makes it legal to buy in the form of a CSA from the farmer. So although I can’t walk into the nearest grocery store and grab some I have options. Some farmer markets in my state also sale them for pet consumption. Today I’ll tell you how I found some and what my thoughts are about it.
Raw milk
Raw milk
Is America Free

Is America Really Free?


I was listening to a Paul Wheaton Podcast recently about Sepp Holzer and how pissed he (Sepp) was about how other countries have much less litigation. In this podcast I found out that making ponds, and lakes, on your own land requires tons of permits from several departments. If you make one anyway they might see it on Google Earth and come make you sad. This blew me away, I could not believe there are laws about putting in a freaking pond. This got me doing a little researching on what freedoms other countries have that we do not. Mostly I came across a lot of idiots on forums that believe that “Free” Healthcare and Education is freedom. Not when you are being taxed to death to pay for those things. More laws never equal more freedom. I dismissed those morons but did manage to find some freedoms that we do not have. Let me share with you a few things that our neighbors can do that we can’t
Is America Free
Is America Free